10 Best Cinder Block Garden Ideas and Design for 2019

Cinder block garden ideas are good for beautify your garden. Even though the cinder block material is bit expensive, it is worth to use.

Cinder Block Garden Ideas

It is strong and the durability is good enough. With the creativity that you have, you can magically turn your just so-so garden into stunning look.

Here are 10 ideas to design your garden using cinder block.

1. Cinder Block for Planting

Image Source: thegardenglove.com

These beautiful plants are seemed so blend with nature by using the cinder block. It looks unique and also this way for planting will create a new looking for your garden.

This is one of the ways to be zero waste life in which you reduce the use of plastic pots. Choosing the small plants like succulents will be great.

2. Cinder Block Stairs

Image Source: thegardenglove.com

You can also create steps on your garden ground by using cinder block. This is a great idea to have such a natural stair and step that can lead your way.

You can grow grass to frame the cinder block way. Fill the center of the cinder block with sands so it will look full.

3. Cinder Block Fire Pit

Image Source: trend4homy.com

A fire pit in your garden can be built from many cinder blocks. This will keep your fire on and you can also be safe from the outside.

Using cinder block will be so much strong because it will not burn by the fire because cinder is fire resistant.

4. Cinder Block for Furniture

Image Source: www.thegardenglove.com

How great this idea is in which you can have your own small chair for your porch or garden. You can use some cinder blocks and give a wood as its base.

Give some small pillow and plants that will beautify your cinder chair. You can design it as you want using some creative stuffs in your home.

5. Cinder Block Potting Bench

Image Source: freundevonfreunden.com

This cinder block potting bench is a great idea to arrange your plants. By having a mid size pot and small pot, you can make a great arrangement.

You can give a wooden board as the place to put your plants. You can make two rows bench or more depending on how many plants you have.

6. Cinder Block Wall

Image Source: about-ruth.com

Having a colorful cinder wall will make your room more attractive. You can make it pop up for some cinder block and you can put the plants.

Give a bright color to make it more alive. Use orange, green, or red color, so you can light up the view.

7. Cinder Block Garden

Image Source: spaceinteriopro.club

Using the cinder block as a frame for your little garden like this. It will be so amazing garden.

8. Trifecta Cinder Block

Image Source: gardenloversclub.com

You can design your garden with three symmetrical cinder blocks and make it vary in height and plant/.

9. Staircase Potted Cinder Block

Image Source: gardenloversclub.com

Arranging your plants like a staircase using cinder block will be nice idea. You can make it more beautiful by growing colorful plants and flowers.

10. Rosebud Cinder Block

Image Source: gardenloversclub.com

You can make double layer or the rectangle cinder block. You can make it square and fill it with rose flowers. So you will get your own flowers garden in your yard.

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