5 Different Closet Styles You Must to Know

Closet style can be so varied based on what the owner wants to have and also how much the space available in their home.

Having a closet is a must for many people because it helps them to easily arrange their clothes, shoes, pants, trousers, ties, hats, shirts, and other dressing stuff in well-placed.

Closet Styles

It doesn’t matter how small or big the closet is, the more functional room is the concern.

Since there are so many things to consider before designing or arranging a closet in your home, it will be better if you know the type of the closet itself.

By knowing the types, you will be able to get the right design that will be matched with your necessity and also with your interest.

1. Walk In Closet Styles

The first type of closet is the walk in style closet. This walk in style will allow the owner of the house to easily choose the outfit they want to wear every day.

This style is the long lasting style because since the last time till today the walk in style is the popular style. You can get a new experience by choosing your dress every day.

2. Big and Small Closet Styles

This style will absolutely need a large space in your house. You have to prepare a big room to have a walk in closet.

Why you need a large room? That’s all because you will have more than one closet or cupboard in this room.

You can put the closet all along way the wall or just in some part of the wall. You can also add mirror as your instant way to see whether your outfit is good or not.

If you only have a small room but you want to build this walk in closet, so do it. You can use the half of the room and full it with closet.

The wall side will be filled by the cupboard and closet to maximize the storage room. You can avoid using the hanging rod to give more space for the folded clothes.

3. Reach In Closet Styles

The reach in closet style will be the common closet you will find. This style will no need a big or large space since it can be build beside the bedroom or your corridor.

This closet style is dominated with the shelves and closet organizer. This closet is using the back wall system to make everything well-arranged.

This closet style is maximizing the use of drawer, open racks, poles, and also compartments. That’s why this style is really suitable for the small space.

4. Wardrobe Closet Styles

Wardrobe is more classic than the other closet style. This is actually the origin the reach in closet. Wardrobe can load many more stuff because it has a big storage.

Usually this wardrobe uses the baskets, racks, poles, and also compartments.

5. Armories Closet Styles

The armories closet style is the old one. It is usually used the wooden closet. It gives an antique look yet so beautiful for you who love a simple and classic design.

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