50 DIY Coffee Bar Ideas inside the Home for Coffee Enthusiast

Are you a coffee enthusiast? Do you really feel enough of visiting café every day? What about having your cup in your own café inside the house?

It must be splendid! You will take pleasure of savouring your cup as well as enhancing your creativity of making your authentic coffee recipe.

By arranging a particular room to put all your coffee maker fundamentals and some furnishings like kitchen counter, side tables, carts, and cupboard, your own coffee bar will be in your hand.

Coffee Bar Ideas

Notwithstanding, the most first thing you need is the design idea and luckily we brought it to your mind. Check them out!

1. Coffee Bar in an Unanticipated Place

Amazing work coffee station #coffeebar #barideas #coffeestation #coffeebarideas

This unexpected vintage coffee bar is located outside the kitchen. Surprisingly it works tremendously well as work desk as well as vintage decoration, especially because choice to put a table lamp upon there.

2. Décor Vignette Coffee Station

Best wood coffee station #coffeebar #barideas #coffeestation #coffeebarideas

By arranging furniture piece to the wall surface art, your coffee station also can role as a décor vignette, yet still effective to be your work desk.

3. Simple Coffee Station

Awesome wood coffee bar #coffeebar #barideas #coffeestation #coffeebarideas

This simple coffee station merely needs your small cupboard combined with mounted racks for the cups. They are simple and you can make it by yourself utilize any fundamentals.

4. Coffee and Storage Station

Fascinating wedding coffee bar #coffeebar #barideas #coffeestation #coffeebarideas

Coffee station that doubles with storage device is smart idea; you will have your coffee station as well as an effective space for everything. In addition, coffee bar like this can be placed in every edge as you need the most.

5. Window Frame Shelf

Beautiful wedding coffee #coffeebar #barideas #coffeestation #coffeebarideas

This old window frame is creatively engrossing as decoration as well as a cup shelf for your coffee shop. To make it look more genuine, you indeed need to paint and distress the home window frame yet it’s magnificently well worth the idea.

6. Rustic Theme

Gorgeous vintage coffee station #coffeebar #barideas #coffeestation #coffeebarideas

Your work desk can turn into coffee station with the combination of two suspended shelves mounted on the wall. The appearance come into rustic due to the shelves arrangement that is coordinated with the chalkboard painted wall.

7. Customize Your Coffee Bar!

alarming vintage coffee shop ideas #coffeebar #barideas #coffeestation #coffeebarideas

The idea of customizing coffee bar is a smart choice to make your kitchen less huddled. You can tailor it by using special cupboards, racks, or closets to store all of the equipment. For more beautiful appearance you could add a lamp above to stand it out.

8. Coffee Bar and Wine Rack

astonishing vintage coffee bar ideas #coffeebar #barideas #coffeestation #coffeebarideas

Constructing a coffee bar from a wine rack is an effective and creative idea. It’s looked stylish and fascinating. Moreover, the hanging beautiful art works built up the theme tastefully.

9. Mobile Coffee Shop

awe-inspiring vinegar machine #coffeebar #barideas #coffeestation #coffeebarideas

It’s such a good idea to have a rolling cart as coffee shop counter; wherever you need to serve your cups, just simply push or pull your coffee shop cart. All equipment is arranged well on the cup and the cart can be located in every edge you need.

10. Coffee Bar from a Bookshelf

awful vietnamese coffee #coffeebar #barideas #coffeestation #coffeebarideas

DIY is always interesting and surprising, like the bookshelf work very fascinated as the cups and complements storage.

All devices are managed inside the shelf, while the work desk integrated well with it. Simply choose a corner in the home that satisfying you on locating this type of coffee bar.

11. Homey Coffee Bar

breathtaking used coffee machines #coffeebar #barideas #coffeestation #coffeebarideas

This coffee station is created by simply utilizing any empty corner in the house, likewise using potluck equipment like the existing counter top supported by attached rack upside to keep the mugs and other fundamentals. It looks so homey, like your own mini kitchen yet incredibly useful and fascinating.

12. Wine Rack Combination

dreadful unique coffee shop ideas #coffeebar #barideas #coffeestation #coffeebarideas

Elegant scheme is built in this design; the storage cabinet has a lot of space to store all basic or advanced things, with matching white counter top which is quiet large to work.

The best combination is the amazing wine rack that is conjure up into mug racking and embellished by some art works.

13. Simple Yet Modern

fearsome unique coffee ideas #coffeebar #barideas #coffeestation #coffeebarideas

Simplicity is the main theme yet combined with modern appliance will make it more cosy for you. Not need a large area, make it perfect for you that have no much room for your coffee time. A slot for the appliance and one more slot for little cup rack feel more than enough.

14. Happy Home Café

formidable unique coffee bar ideas #coffeebar #barideas #coffeestation #coffeebarideas

Build your own café in your home! Simply choose a free site on your living room then place a counter and a shelf attached above it. Don’t forget to add some decoration to make your café more life.

15. Professional-like Coffee Bar

frightening trendy coffee shop ideas #coffeebar #barideas #coffeestation #coffeebarideas

It is possible to make your coffee bar more like professional bar. The professional taste can be radiated from the selection of the utensils as well as from the decoration. It is very suitable for you who have a set of modern coffee break equipment in your home.

16. Classy Classic Coffee Bar

horrible tray for coffee station #coffeebar #barideas #coffeestation #coffeebarideas

Another idea of your own coffee bar for your home is a classic but classy one. This idea comes up with a classic vintage table for your coffee counter.

Above it you can make some racking and place your vintage cup or other classic decorations. You can emphasize its vibe by choosing the white one.

17. In-home Studio Coffee

horrifying things needed for a coffee shop #coffeebar #barideas #coffeestation #coffeebarideas

If you are an easily-get-bored person this idea perhaps perfect for you. Set a casual sophisticated long wooden counter as your studio coffee will make your coffee session feel more joyful.

For the addition you can attach a classic black board above your counter and you can write everything you want there with an also classic chalk.

18. DIY Timber Coffee Counter

imposing things in a coffee bar #coffeebar #barideas #coffeestation #coffeebarideas

If you have unused lumber in your warehouse, you can make your own coffee counter yourself. With simple design, straightforwardly arrange your timber. The cosy rustic feeling from the timber will make your coffee session felt more special.

19. Wall Racking Coffee Bar

impressive thanksgiving coffee bar ideas #coffeebar #barideas #coffeestation #coffeebarideas

Once again for you who love simplicity, the idea to make a coffee bar by attaching wall racks probably heard so fantastic. Since you not need any large area, it can be very suitable for you, who not just have no room for it but also who won’t make their home crowded with all of the stuffs.

20. Art in the Bar

intimidating temperature controlled coffee cup #coffeebar #barideas #coffeestation #coffeebarideas

The last, if you worried will get bored with all of your idea regarding coffee bar, you can disguise it as art bar. Perhaps it can be obtained by placing some of painting and other artistic stuff. However, the function for brewing your coffee is still there when your coffee time is coming.

More Coffee Bar Ideas

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These are just a few Coffee Bar Ideas, as there are plenty of them as long as you can play with your imagination.

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