American Wirehair

Beautiful Curly Haired Cat Breeds in the World

American Wirehair

American Wirehairs resemble American Shorthairs, with the exemption of a springy, wiry layer, consisting of ear hair, and whiskers. This coat is similar to the cord coats of some dog breeds, such as terriers.

Their hair calls for little pet grooming, although lighter cats could require sunblock. Wirehairs are of a moderate, durable develop, with round heads, high cheekbones, and also a pronounced muzzle.

Ladies are generally smaller than men. American Wirehairs present the complete range of feasible cat coat colors, although Himalayan, Chocolate and Lilac are declined for competition.

The Wirehair coat characteristic is dominant, so any kind of reproduction between a Wirehair and an additional cat can produce wired kitties. Wirehairs have golden eyes, except for some white ones that have blue or amber eyes.

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