Selkirk Rex

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Selkirk Rex

With a thick coat of woolly looking swirls, the Selkirk is sometimes nicknamed the cat in sheep’s clothes. Like his curly-coated relatives the Cornish and Devon Rexes, the Selkirk is the outcome of a natural hereditary mutation, yet he has an extremely different appearance, thanks to his dense coat as well as heavy-set body.

Visualize a medium-size to large cat with a heavy-boned however muscular body, a spherical head, and a soft, woolly layer of loose swirls that could be short or long in any one of a multitude of shades. That’s the Selkirk Rex.

Kittens appear curly, experience a straight phase during adolescence, then grow into plush, thick clumps of swirls when they are about 2 years old.

The Selkirk’s facial qualities consist of full cheeks– males are downright jowly– broad-based medium-size ears, sometimes with curly furnishings, as well as huge rounded eyes that provide a pleasant expression.

The difference in coat size could not be right away noticeable without initial observing the ruff and tail. Shorthairs have a ruff that coincides length as the fur on the remainder of the body and luxurious swirls on the tail that exist compactly.

A longhaired Selkirk has a longer ruff that structures the face as well as plumy curls on the tail that attract attention as opposed to lying demurely in place. With either length, the layer may appear most curly around the neck as well as on the stubborn belly and tail.

The layer comes in any genetically feasible shade or combination of colors. If it’s feasible for a pet cat to be purple polka-dotted, you will find a Selkirk because pattern. The eyes, also, could be any shade.

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