Beautiful Curly Haired Cat Breeds in the World


Skookum is the name of a breed of pet cat. It is a tiny, short-legged cat, really just like an associated breed called the Munchkin, yet with curls similar to its various other moms and dad type, the LaPerm.

Its head is a broad changed wedge form with rounded shapes as well as tool big walnut shaped eyes. The head shows no extremes of attributes, yet the eyes are huge for its head and also expressive.

The neck and body are moderate in type however thickish with a rounded chest and excellent strong musculature framework. The body should not show up extended, but has a tendency somewhat even more in the direction of cobby type.

The short yet well proportioned legs have tool boning. The top and lower forelegs are roughly even in length, as are the thighs and also lower legs of the somewhat longer hind legs. The feet are well rounded and also portable as well as well planted.

The layer is the result of the LaPerm genetics so has a similar soft light airy structure. It ought to not be excessively thick and also should stand away from the body on unclear ringlets and also curls or waves.

The curls need to not surge near to the body yet should spiral arbitrarily out far from the skin. They can be long haired or brief haired and also the short layered variety has a coat which is better to the body however still springy in feel.

No matter hair length the Skookum ought to have very prominent curled hairs and also brows. They are fun loving and kittenish cats, playful as well as sports and fond of leaping as well as climbing.

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