10 Beautiful And Cute But Deadly Animals

There are plenty of animals roaming around this earth that look cute and cuddly but many of them have a dark and deadly side to them.

In fact, the 10 animals below just may be the cutest but deadliest animals on the planet.

1. Long-Tailed Weasel

cute but deadly

Seriously, a tiny weasel is the first animal on the list?!? It sure is as these creatures are the perfect blend of cuteness and darkness (if there is such a thing as a perfect blend).

While these small, slender, and fluffy animals look downright adorable they are known to be vicious killers among the small mammal world. They will gruesomely attack rodents but they make this list for their trickery.

The long-tailed weasel is known to seduce Snowshoe Hares with an elaborate dance. Sadly the hares will become mesmerized by the intoxicating dance…right before the weasels pounce on them and crush their head (I told you they had a dark side).

2. Raccoons

cute but deadly animal

How could our beloved little bandit possibly be dangerous. Sure, they might steal your snack, root through your garbage but deadly? No way!

Raccoons wear a mask for a reason, so you can’t pick them out of a lineup! These cuddly little creatures are incredibly vicious and have been known to attack humans on a regular basis.

In some instances, gangs of raccoons have attacked people, but this is quite rare. Don’t believe me, read this harrowing tale about a deadly gang of raccoons.

3. Chimpanzee

cute but deadly animal

It is literally impossible for these adorable little human-like animals to be deadly, right? After all, Maurice from Friends was harmless…except for his love of “In the Jungle”.

After you watch the video below, you will learn that Chimpanzees may seem friendly but they have powerful arms and can be quite aggressive.

Oh and just remember that these people had been feeding these chimpanzees for years, so they were friends (imagine what would happen if they didn’t know you).

4. Olive Baboon

cute but deadly animal

Sticking with our primate relatives, the Olive Baboon may look cute…sort of, but these guys are unpredictable and that alone makes them dangerous enough for our Cute But Deadly list.

How unpredictable are Olive Baboons? Well they spend much of their day hanging out grazing on grasses next to their antelope friends.

Somedays though, they must get tired of vegetation and decide they want some flavourful meat.

Just like that, they will turn on their grazing companions and chase down the slowest and weakest member. You just can’t trust the people you eat with anymore.

5. Dingo

cute but deadly animal

The Dingo ate my baby! Yes, that is a common phrase but is it really true? Could this cuddly dog actually be dark enough to do something so terrible?

The short answer to the “do Dingoes eat babies” question is…yes! Granted, there are only a few cases of these fluffy dog attacking children but how many stories do you need before you put them in the Top 10 Cute but Deadly List.

6. Polar Bear

cute but deadly animal

This one probably doesn’t come as a surprise for most people. Sure the Coca-Cola commercials have done a great job playing off of their cuteness but that doesn’t take anything away from their deadly nature.

The adorable little Polar Bear is typically responsible from 20-90 human attacks per year.

They are the largest terrestrial carnivore on the planet and are powerful enough to easily pull a 12 inch thick seal through a 4 inch hole in the ice.

7. Elephants

cute but deadly animal

Maybe it is just me but I have always found Elephants to be incredibly cute. Unfortunately, any time you weigh between 8000 and 13000 pounds, there is a chance you will be dangerous.

These massive beasts regularly run rampant in Indian villages with many instances of the males waging attacks throughout the night with results in destroyed homes and human deaths.

In one village it is estimated that Elephants were responsible for more than 300 human deaths over a 4 year span. This is a similar trend in other villages as well.

8. Hippopotamus

cute but deadly animal

When you look at the fat, squishy, happy looking hippopotamus, you just want to go and hug them. They are essentially the definition of an adorable Disney character – throw a tutu on them and the package would be complete.

Unfortunately, in real life, the Hippo just happens to be one of the most dangerous animals out there.

In fact, these giant creatures are responsible for the most human deaths on the entire African continent (a place that is crawling with lions, crocodiles, elephants and other dangerous animals).

9. Duck-billed Platypus

cute but deadly animal

Okay so maybe the Duck-Billed Platypus has the face only a mother could love but they are so bizarre looking that they are cute.

Would you believe me if I told you that this mixed up animal was actually quite deadly (I hope you would believe me since we are on the Cute but Deadly list).

That’s right, the male platypus has two spurs on their hind legs that contain a powerful poison. If you are on the wrong end of this spur, you may just find yourself in agonizing pain for the next several months.

10. Slow Loris

cute but deadly animal

Wait! How could the world’s cutest animal possibly entry on this list? Seriously, look at that face, they can’t actually be dangerous, can they?

These big-eyed fur-balls actually have a poison glad on their elbows, which if ingested will cause severe stomach pain.

They typically rub this toxin on their babies to prevent predators for running off with them. Most human deaths from the Slow Loris are a result of anaphylactic shock.

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