10 Stunning Desert Landscape Ideas

Desert Landscape Ideas will make your just so-so landscape become the most incredible landscape.

To know how to decorate it, you might read this article below.

Desert Landscape Ideas

1. Environmental-Look Desert

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Arranging small rocks inside there will give a good and warm ambience. Rocks as one of the natural feature can easily be found.

2. Mulch Desert Landscape

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Using mulch, gravel, and sands are really popular today. It will give natural look for the desert.

3. Various Plants Size

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To increase the visual appearance of the desert landscape, it will be better to have various types of plants.

It can be mixed, whether the shape, color, or types. Grouping the plants will also give a tidy look.

4. Native Plants for Desert Place

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Growing a native plant will really give advantage for the home owner living in the desert area. Some places are restricted to use water landscaping.

So to minimize the dying plants, it can be better idea to grow native plants. Growing the lawn grass as the change of stone will make the appearance more natural.

5. Stages Stone for Framing the Plants

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Using stone or rock as the desert landscape will also make a natural ambience. The rocks can be arranged like a stairs in order to give a frame to the walk way or to the plants inside.

Or the stone can be created as a stage for the plants.

6. Stunning Garden Furniture

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Giving some garden furniture will make the desert landscape more alive. It can be anything that is unused and it can also call the owner’s personality.

It will make the desert landscape more authentic. But, it’s enough to have one or two furniture. Don’t go to much because it will make the garden more kitschy.

7. Growing Small the Plants

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Putting small plants in one group will give a very nice and cute look for desert landscape.

It will make them to be more visible yet giving a natural look when the plants are in the same types.

It can be added some rocks which is bigger than the plants as the boarder.

8. Color Plants as Focal Point

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Getting bold for garden as desert landscape is not a bad idea. This can make the other plants just as the decoration while the colorful one is the main interest.

Having bright color plants or flowers along the entry way is the best choice. It’s not only the colorful one, it can be the bigger size or shape. So, make it as the guest star among another plants.

9. Portable Potted Plants

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The use of pot for the plants will make the owner easy to put them inside when the winter comes.

This is the best way to give a natural look with some potted plants. For some rainy places, it will be better to get the overhead protection to cover the plants.

10. Group of Simple Desert Landscape

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The owner can grow one type of plant and put it in same color pots. This cute cactus can get many attention from people.

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