5 Different Types of Hair Removal or Waxing

The hair removal or waxing is the action of removing the excess of skin’s hair, and it is done, mostly, by women. It normally starts in the adolescence, when the skin’s hair starts to grow, and continues the whole life.

More and more people is practising the hair removal, due to fashion trends or sport’s demands, and now, men are starting to practice this action.

The most popular parts of the skin that demands hair removal are the face, legs, underarms and bikini lines, but almost the whole body can be waxed.

The hair removal has two different reasons: hygiene and / or aesthetics. This practice starts as a high social class’s habits, but nowadays, is a massive practice in all social classes and in almost all countries, with some exceptions.

Different Types of Hair Removal or Waxing

There are many different types of hair removal, the most popular are: Bleaching, shaving, wax, depilatory cream and laser.

1. Bleaching

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It is a way to make less visible the skin’s hair, it is very useful in areas which have a thin but dark hairs like the arms, face and neck. It is recommended to use according to the package instructions.

2. Shaving

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The hair removal is done by using a shaving machine, cutting the hair instead of taking it out from the roots. Some people say that after shaving, the hair will grow faster and darker.

3. Wax

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This method is done with hot wax, and it is a very effective, cheap and accessible. This system take the hair out from the roots. Care must be taken with the temperature of the wax in order to prevent burns and skin irritations.

4. Depilatory Cream

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There are different variety depilatory creams in the market that gradually remove the hair, the disadvantage is that it can cause skin’s irritation.

5. Laser

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It is a permanent hair removal, expencive but efective.

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