4 Different Types of Hair

The hair is the cylindrical, keratinized and pigmented filament that grows from the epidermis of the human being.

The hair has a very important biological role because is the responsible of the body temperature’s regulation.

Also, the hair increases the skin photoreceptor’s ability, which is essential for the production of vitamin D.

Beyond these biological functions, the hair has always had a special care and attention.

Different Types of Hair

There are four different types of hair that depend on the sebum production, we can find normal hair, oily hair, dry hair and a combination of oily and dry hair.

1. Normal Hair

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This type of hair has a normal production of oil, and it normally has good elasticity and shine. This is the type of hair that has no chemical aggression (bleaching, dyeing), is a hair in it’s natural state, like a children’s hair.

2. Oily Hair

Image Source: medicalnewstoday.com

This type of hair produce excess of oil. This type requires more hygiene with shampoo that are designed specially for oily hairs.

Usually it appears dirty and without volume. But is a good hair because is strong and can resist more damage than a dry hair.

3. Dry Hair

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In this type of hair, oil production is not enought and makes the hair fragile and brittle. It looks like a damage hair and needs more care than other types of hair. Too many washed can be harmful.

4. Combination of Oily and Dry Hair

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This is the classic hair that has roots very oily but the ends very dry, so they are very difficult to treat. There are specifics shampoo for this type of hair that are for “oily root, dry ends”.

Also we can find another clasification of hair: Thin hair (sensitive to the effect of chemicals), thick hair (with good body and volume) and Medium Hair (with intermediate thickness).

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