20+ DIY Fire Pit Design Ideas, Bright the Dark and Fire the Bored | Advantages & How To Build It

There is nothing perfect activity you can enjoy on summer except gathering with your family and friends. Especially in summer evening, you can invite them for just enjoying the summer breeze under the night sky and good weather.

Without any bothering of rain or snow, your friends and family will enjoy to have a good chat each other surrounding the fire pit in your backyard.

Fire pit is going to be a great equipment to light up the circumstances of togetherness.

You may only provide some marshmallows or corns they are able to toast over the flames, some snacks, and soft drinks, then the atmosphere is going to be delightful and the chat will be easy to flow casually.

As you find in many stores, fire pit has so many designs; you can choose one match to your backyard or garden nuance.

Yet, have you ever thought about having your own fire pit design idea? Building fire pit with your own ideas will be very interesting and satisfying.

Furthermore, having a special fire pit like that will save your money more and be a good reason to invite your family and friends to come and try lighting it up.

Interesting Fact of Having Fire Pit

Fire pit is not only a complement for your garden or backyard, but you can also get so many advantages of having fire pit. With the help of large excavators in Singapore, you can easily transport the material and dig the pit for this special addition in your backyard. Here we listed seven objectives of having fire pit as splendid impression.

1. Encourage Snug Exterior Scenery

The existence of fire pit will invite a desire to gather around because of a comfort view provided. Then it will evoke the atmosphere of your exterior gathering after the sun goes down.

Your togetherness with your family or friends is going to be more interesting, and you even can enjoy your conversation until early morning.

2. Light Up Your Evening

Fire pit is warming and lighting your backyard or garden in the evening, and making your garden more alive. As it never be visited before, your garden is now getting engrossing to be enlivened.

Cold, as the main trouble you have outside, never be a bother anymore.

3. Fire Pit as Home Extension

After having fire pit, now you will feel that your home area is not only inside, but also outside where your fire pit settled.

You and everyone will be interested to come and flame up the fire pit in the evening, for resting while relishing the night sky.

Therefore, an additional of bench or couches will be a great complement around the fire pit.

4. Functional Thing Throughout the Year

Not only in summer, with a ceramic Fire pit, may you also use your fire pit in all time of the year. It is able to perfect your Halloween to give a fire threat atmosphere, or even warming you up on your winter moment.

5. Garden Cooking Equipment

When hunger is attacking bother your globe around the fire pit, you don’t need to worry, just take the meat and vegetables then grill them as you have a barbeque party.

You also can complete with some snack and beverages to evoke the atmosphere.

Adding an outdoor kitchen to your fire pit area is also a good idea. You can cook and serve meals and drinks while enjoying the warmth and ambiance of your fire pit.

6. Increase Your Relax Quality

Lying down in front of the fire pit while watching the fire dance will give you a great relax time and quality.

As Christopher Lynn, an anthropologist at University of Alabama, said in his study that watching a fire movement will lead us to be calmer and more sociable, and also may lower our blood pressure.

It’s not surprising why many home buyers find firepits desirable. Incorporating a well-designed fire pit into a home’s outdoor living space can increase the property’s value by 15 to 40 percent because this feature adds more benefits to future home buyers.

Just like any buyer, one would choose a house feature they could significantly benefit from. They can see themselves relaxing and enjoying the warmth and cozy ambiance of having a beautiful outdoor firepit. Hence, creating a firepit isn’t only for aesthetic purposes but also a good investment.

7. Extend Your Nice Evening

Although summer only give you short evening and make you feel bored on your lengthiest day, it doesn’t mean you can’t end your day with a little happiness.

Just couch your body upon the divan next to the fire pit, feel the heat and watch the fire dancing, slowly you will feel the comfort flow into your blood and bring you into the relax ambient.

Creating a Fire Pit

Building a fire pit needs a good comprehension on safety and also creativity. You need to create it cosy, good looking, locate it in the right spot, and make sure it will light up well.

You have plenty of material options when creating a fire pit, such as bricks, concrete, and reinforced concrete. Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, or GFRC, is non-combustible, which means it won’t burn.

Hence, it’s a suitable material for creating a fire pit. It’s thin and weighs less than solid concrete but is highly durable. Indeed, learning how to make GFRC panels and a fire pit for your outdoor living space is a good idea.

Perfect fire pit will support the initiation of comfort zone and calmness ambient. It’s a great place to read a good book, drink tea, and meditate too. Moreover, you and your friends and family can gather around to catch up, share stories, and have fun.

In addition, you also may think about make it suitable to replace your cooking equipment, facilitating you to toast marshmallow or grill barbeque. If you did it correctly, it will be your great experience.

Here for you, 3 major ideas for creating a fire pit:

  • Safety Deliberation

There are so many triggers those make your fire pit might be dangerous. As you know, you have to be stay careful on taking action with fire.

Related to safety, you should choose a location secured from wind and free from trees, fence, or shrubbery. Keep the fire pit out from combustible things such as dry turfs or leaves.

Then, build it on crushed rock, sand, or bare soil, with some preparation of water source or pile of dirt to produce fire.

  • Essential Construction

Decide the size of the pit based on the function you desire; fire pit for only producing light might be has different size with fire pit for additional functions like cooking food or warming wide area.

Imagine how many people you hope to gather around the pit, it will give you an image about the ideal size of the pit; make it 3-4 feet if you want to invite more than 3 people.

Put your coals inside the 3-8 inches depth of hole, it will secure and centralize the coals to produce good fire with minimum smoke.

Rocks are a good base of making fire ring, besides they are secure and able to centralize the fire, rocks also preserves and radiates heat. Remember not to use rocks that have been submerged in water, because they are explodable.

  • Supporting Tools and Tips

It’s best to prepare the things you need to make your fire pit aesthetically pleasing and functional. That said, here are the tools and tips to help make your fire pit a great area to relax and have fun.

– Warm Reflector: You need a warm reflector to maintain the heat and protect the fire from wind. You can simply use natural property like a big stone or dike; or build a rocks or trunks tiny wall.

– Fire Pit for Cooking: For cooking purpose, your fire pit needs to have a small lump that covered around by coals to prepare the cooking area. Because coals cook food better than flame. While, your primary flame is still lighting up and heating the environment.

– Drying Wood: Manage some wet woods circling the fire pit in ‘’eagle nest’’ shape. Place the wood in a good way to prevent it’s flamed.

– Wood Choice: To start the fire, you better choose small dried branches of softwood, because it is may burnt easily. Then, maintain your flame with seasoned wood to get a big, hotter, less smoke, and brighter fire. Avoid using hardwoods such as oaks, maples, and cherries; or even wet wood, because the wet one will produce too much smoke or isn’t burnt at all.

Construct Your Fire Pit (Step by Step)

Now is your time to create your imagination of nice fire pit into reality! Read these 4 fundamental steps:

Step 1 – Settle the Foundations

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A steady foundation is needed for building a steadfast fire pit that is also safe for your garden or yard. To get it you have to make a hole with 1.5 m in diameter and 60 cm deep.

Step 2 – Construct the Wall Surface

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For natural looks you can build the wall surface of the framework with blocks or rocks, yet it will need more effort to make it solid and compact. If you want the easy one, use bricks to build it. For better surface, using fire blocks or refractory blocks are the great choice.

Step 3 – Build a Fireproof Pit

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Spray the inside of the pit with black paint, if you have a fire bricks-wall surface of pit. Black is warmth resistant colour and will stronger the defence of the pit. Other than painting the surface with black, you also may get the same effect by install a steel ring into the structure.

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Step 4 – Finishing

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Choose a dominant style of fire pit to finish the area surrounding your fire pit. You can match it to the theme of your yard or garden. Remember to maintain the ground level, and make it perfect with some chairs, divan, or bench around it. Eventually, you can start to make a globe and relax with your family or friends.

2019 DIY Fire Pit Design Goal

Here we listed for you some magnificent DIY fire pit ideas to evoke your great imagination. Imagine you have one match to your yard or garden nuance.

All of these are made by many different materials such as steel, rock, concrete block, and other recommended base. Most of them need some building skill, it will be better if you have a partner to create it.

DIY Fire Pit & Patio Project

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How to Build a Square Fire Pit

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Upcycled Truck Wheel and Stone Firepit

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Square Concrete and Stone Firepit

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Fancy Brick Firepit with Benches

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Repurposed Washing Machine Drum Firepit

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Easy DIY Concrete Firepit Tutorial

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$50 Concrete Tree Ring Firepit

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Easy DIY Round Stone Firepit

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Stone Firepit with Half Wall

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DIY Round Firepit with Back

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Simple $60 DIY Stone Firepit

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Inground Brick and Stone Firepit

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DIY Round Brick Firepit Tutorial

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Build Your Own Concrete Block Firepit

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Large Cinder Block and Stone Firepit

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Build a Best Fire Pit

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Best Fire Pit

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Amazing Fire Pit

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Awesome Fire Pit

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More Picture of a Fire Pit

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