SImple and Easy DIY L Shaped Desk

DIY l shaped desk is the common desk style that can be used on the corner of a room.

This is very useful because the design can be matched enough with the home construction.

DIY L Shaped Desk

This desk is also easy to be made because it only needs few tools and skill.

It can be the place for computer, kitchen sink, table, and even just for decorative ornaments.

What to Prepare for DIY L Shaped Desk?

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First thing first, if you want to start building the l shaped desk, you need to prepare few materials. You need plywood for 4′ x 8′ sheet of 3/4″.

You can ask the store keeper to rip it for you. if you don’t have the tool at home, they will be willing to help but make sure that you know the size.

Ironing Your DIY L Shaped Desk

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After the cutting process is done, now you can create the edge. You can make the edge smoother by using iron.

This will make the plywood edge banding and then it will be a bit higher that the common plywood.

Make sure that you don’t crack the plywood when ironing.

Trimming the DIY L Shaped Desk

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After finishing the ironing process, now you can trim the edge.

You can use the edge trimmer to decrease the high edges on the plywood.

It will also help you to reduce the sharp corner of the plywood that has been cutting.

Removing the Stuff for DIY L Shaped Desk

When you already finish the board and ready to paint it, you must prepare the room first.

You have to make sure that everything is covered. Or you can remove all of your stuff like shelves, hardware, or drawers from your room.

You can use paper to cover up the surface and you can also use sand to cover your floor.

Preparing Paint for DIY L Shaped Desk

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Now, if everything is covered, you can start to prepare the paint. You can take 15 minutes to prepare the paint.

Firstly, you can use the thin primer for the first layer of your desk painting.

The use of Wagner spray is really common for the desk painting. This is the easiest step to do.

However, this step is really important for the final result because it will make the paint so much software and smoother.

Coloring Your DIY L Shaped Desk

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You can start painting your DIY desk by using spray or sweep.

You can also use the spray paint by following the right instruction.

It will give the best finish for your desk. For the L shaped, to get a better result, you can use the brush.

You can paint with your hand directly. Then, spray all of the surface to get a glowing look.

Installing DIY L Shaped Desk

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Now, it is your time to install the desk.

You can set the desk on your corner that you want to place it for about 79.5″ and you can adjust it up to 1″ to 1.5″.

Make sure that you give a gap between the desk and the wall.

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