10 Unique DIY Room Dividers that Save Space in Style

Having a room divider will help you to make your room more spacious.

This will help you to make single room to be double room easily.

This room divider can also create a privacy space and give the different style for your home.

DIY Room Dividers

There are a lot of ways to create room dividers to decorate yet functional for a home.

The choice of material is also varied from wood, plastics, pipe, plates, rope, vinyl, and metal.

1. Wire DIY Dividers

Image Source: collaborant.me

Wire can be the best idea to create divider.

You can mix it with the wood and also metal or stainless steel as the frame.

2. Hanging DIY Dividers

Image Source: meetsuites.co

This barn door frame can be your divider and it will give a very antique and stunning design.

You can also use the windows frame of your old furniture that can also give an antique and classic look.

3. Wooden DIY Dividers

Image Source: clarityfuture.club

Using wood as the divider material is really common.

But with this design you can have two side of divider and both are functional.

This combination with wooden floor will really nice and give a warm ambience.

4. Retro DVD DIY Dividers

Image Source: heritagefashions.co

Be bold with this retro design.

When many people are wasting their old DVD, you can rebuild it as your own home divider.

The unique and retro look will be really appear here.

5. Roots DIY Dividers

Image Source: dekoruma.com

When you want to have deconstructed DIY divider for your room, you can use this idea.

This design will give you a traditional look.

However, if you can mix and match it with your interior, you will get a homage feeling.

6. Soft Chain DIY Dividers

Image Source: kadvacorp.com

You can use the soft chain to make a metal design for your room.

Using the metal wire will be good and you can also make the design as you want.

This will make your room wonderful yet having industrial style.

7. Books DIY Dividers

Image Source: europe-in-dc.com

Having many collection of books sometimes makes you confused.

You may don’t have any space to put them.

But now you can create your own divider using those books.

This will look like a dorm room that is separated by the book shelves.

8. Fabric DIY Dividers

Image Source: greenconshy.org

Using patterned fabric can be good for your DIY divider.

This patterned fabric will also make your room sweet and nice.

It is just one of the inexpensive room divider.

You can use the ceiling hook to hang it and with some adjustment you can manage this well.

9. Frosted Glass DIY Dividers

Image Source: thespruce.com

Using frosted glass will be the best choice for the room divider.

Usually, this divider is used for bathroom or closet.

This is the best way to block the outside view.

This divider will be best when combining with the sliding door.

10. Simple Rope DIY Dividers

Image Source: twipu.com

Using rope for your divider will be really great and unique ideas.

The brown color and thick rope can be arranged vertically for your living room divider.

This style will give a mid century look yet modern look.

This is the best way if you get more rope so you can get a wide divider.

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