DIY UTE Tricks to Transform Your Vehicle into a Perfect Transportation Device

Everyone that drives a UTE or a Utility Vehicle, as it is also known, knows the benefits and downsides of it. There are not too many downsides, but the benefits – there are plenty.

One of the best things about it is having so much space for everything you might need to transport from one place to another.

However, only when you need to start a removing process and go from one place to another in Australia, you realize how much more room is needed to store everything you have and cut the transportation process from five to ten drives to only one or two.

So what are the things you can do on your own, without any assistance from outside, to make your UTE a better transportation device?

How you can make it a perfect vehicle that will help you take people from one place to another, and at the same time, all the items that need to be removed too. Follow up and see more about it below.

1. Place a toolbox canopy in the trunk

Check out companies that provide these items. They have some amazing products for your UTE that can transform it from an ordinary pickup truck into a professional utility vehicle capable of so many things.

Install a toolbox canopy and make sure that even the rapidly changing weather conditions can’t harm you.

There are lots of companies providing UTE canopies in Australia, but you should be looking for the one that will have them made custom.

Every vehicle is different, and you should have a canopy toolbox made for your needs exclusively. Call some of them and ask if they can make them personalized and customized. Go to those that will assure you that their services will be perfect.

2. Install undertray toolboxes

Undertrays are toolboxes that are placed under the tray and next to the tires. They are also best to be made custom because just a slight difference in dimensions and your tires may be caught on the aluminum toolbox, causing them to explode, leaving you with a flat tire in the middle of nowhere.

However, these items are excellent for storing so many things inside. People usually install four of them on both sides of the rear wheels and have enough room to place long items and need to be locked without anyone having access. It’s a special compartment that is highly valuable.

3. Get a mobile trailer

For those moments when you need to move from one home to another, but you don’t want to pay top dollars to companies that will do it, you should get a mobile trailer.

The trailer is hooked to the back of your UTE, and you’ll drive it together. You don’t need any other additional special permit for it.

There are different kinds of trailers. You can get one based on your needs, from long vehicles to short trailers enough for storing most of the furniture. Choose the one that you seem to fit perfectly and attach it to your UTE to get the most of it.

4. Install a roof rack

The roof rack is perfect for having a similarly big space for storing items without attaching a trailer in the back.

Some people don’t like the idea of driving something so enormous, but the roof is enough for placing nearly all kinds of furniture for those complex moments when you’re moving.

Tie the sofa you need to move from one place to another on the roof rack. There’s not enough room in the back, but there’s surely enough on the rack.

It can go all the way from the back of the truck to the windshield without having the chance to hurt anyone.

5. Install a Wi-Fi connection inside

Modern times have modern problems, and they require modern solutions. Get one of those internet connections that work wireless and always have internet in your truck.

When you go out in nature, and you need to send a message through the internet, you want to be fully covered.

If you don’t have anything installed, you’ll struggle with your phone’s data connection, which is never reliable enough. Find the best internet antennas for trucks, and make sure you’re prepared for anything.


If you want to see your truck become a truly prepared vehicle that can take nearly anything, then you want to have these preps from above. Install some of the things we mentioned and see how you get more than 100% more room inside.

You’ll be able to move without paying anyone for the service, do your job that requires constant going on the road with tons of equipment and materials, and you’ll be prepared for anything. Nothing will surprise you because you’ll have enough room to store everything inside.

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