down syndrome cat

down syndrome cat

Down Syndrome Cat

Can Down Syndrome Also Occur to Cats? Cats with Down Syndrome usually have round eyes opposed to the normal ones having slightly slanted eyes.

Instead of alert-looking and sharp ears, they also have small or undersized ears that could look droopy or exhausted. Even the shape of their faces also looks slightly off.

Cats that have Down syndrome also sometimes act strangely than their normal counterparts. Cats are agile and graceful in nature but those that experience Down Syndrome are wobbly and clumsily.

They are also known to have a very poor coordination that sometimes they bump and fall. They also develop strange habits that include of sitting or meowing differently.

Cats with Down syndrome also find it hard to socialize with others such as with humans. Usually, they act differently from others particularly when it comes to littering. They do not also respond when they are called.

Like humans, cats can develop different kinds of medical issues because of Down Syndrome that include an impaired vision and a poor muscle tone. There is also a risk for them to exhibit heart issues that could be very harmful to their well-being.

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