50 Best Exterior Paint Colors for Your Home | Ideas And Inspirations

Most people agree that we shouldn’t judge the book just by its cover. But, one important lesson could be taken from this proverb, “book cover” could determine people first impression about something.

The outside of your home could give people first impression about what’s inside, so make sure that people will make the right judgement. Take a lesson from this proverb if you have a plan to upgrade your home’s exterior.

Selecting right colors for your house exterior isn’t esay task. Sometimes It could be frightening and though. Pick wrong colors and your home will appears as featureless.

In other hands, if you pick the bold colors, it could be overwhelm the architecture and may be disturbing your closest neighbour.

Pick the rightest colors will make your home look stunning and will radiate positive aura for your family. And, this could be achieved if you have good undesrstanding about home design.

Layout defect could even covered by skillfull use of colors and in other hand it could increase your market value and improving visual appearance.

Home Exterior Paint Color

Gray, black, and white were most colors that people choose as their home exterior and interior colors. These colors are friendly colour with almost any home design.

When we combined this colors in perfect ratio, it could be deliver luxury, sophictication and contemporary into your home.

Anyway, colouring using neutral colors is coludn’t be separated from luxury house type. The reason behind that is this colors could enhance house architect and luxury as a modern-house type.

In additon, choosing neutral colors will warrant that your home colors will certainly never looks “out of date” which mean that it will gurantee that this colors will always be popular, forever.

The neutral color screen sometimes could be enhanced by addition of natural rock style into home architecture.

Straightforward paint colors could be referred to be multicolor. These colors including yellow, orange, blue, purple, red and block color.

These colors usually used just in certain area within house architecture and not related to total house surface exteriror area.

The use of these vibrant colors usually combined with neutral colors to merge between elegant and joyfull appearance. The idea to use multi color will undoubtly deliver comfortable views on your house.

For those who have luxury house, colouring and painting process could have done by expert, so they don’t need to be mess around with home colouring and decoration.

But, if you are a just an ordinary person which have little house, choosing the right colors as well as placing and combining in the right proportion will be obviously beeing an obstacle.

For that, we try to provide you some basic knowledge to guide you choosing your house paint colors.

House Paint Colour – Purple

In Eastern culture, purple color are identic with the widow. In contrary, Western culture used it as a color for the nobles. As an example, the Englishman used it just for worthy family members.

For them, purple color are identic with wealthy, wisdom as well as visionary. So, for the purple lover, right know you just should realize that purple color were originally elegant color, right? As a color for the house painting, we recommended purple color not to be used as a solitary color for your house painting as elegant purple color perception would disappear as it’s used for a solitary color.

The best way to create luxury perceprtion in your home were mixing it with white color. In addition, add a little black color combination also could be used to maximize the luxury of purple color.

Purple color also referred to be used as a home interior color, especially for bedroom decoration.

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House Paint Colour – Yellow

Yellow color are categorized as a bright and intense color. This color is a popular paint color for your home painting, especially for the exterior area and another place which people usually used for family gathering.

The best combination for the yellow is the clean white color. In addtiion, gray and white colors may be used as a yellow color combination to obtain sophisticated appearance and makes your home appear more refreshed.

We recommended to place yellow color just in one location such as balcon or certain wall surface.

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House Paint Colour – Red

The red color could be categorized as a strong color which not everyone pleased this color to be used as their home paint colouring. But, in other hand, this color were widely used by the developers for minimal house painting.

They use this color just in certain area to give strength personality appearance. We recommended to use white and grey color as a combination for this color.

In addtion, we recommended to use red color in a center view of your house as well as yellow color.

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House Paint Colour – Orange

Some people like to use orange as their home painting color. This color could be categorized as a quite strong color and are identic with peace and harmony.

To maximize the tranquil appearance from this color, we rommended to combine this color with dark gray and ivory color as listed below.

Sometime, little touch of red color combination will also give strong orange personality within your house.

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House Paint Colour – Green

The green color are identic with freshness, peace as well as fertility. If you’re environment-friendly enthusiast, these color would be very suitable for your personal reflection.

For this year, green color appear as a new color trend for house painting. For the combination, clean white color will be perfectly match with fresh green color.

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House Paint Colour – Pink

The pink color is identic with sincerity, romantism and human love. This color is suitable for room with high privacy such as bedroom.

Pink are also identic with teenage girl and it’s very suitable for main color for their bedroom decoration. For the combination, purple color will be perfectly match with this color.

But, we suggest not to use this color for bathroom or kitchen decoration.

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House Paint Colour – Blue

Blue color is identic with the ocean and the sky and it’s a the symbol of peace, calm and truth. This color usually used as main color for personal room such as bedroom, meditation room or theraphy room.

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House Paint Colour – Brown

Tis color is a symbol of elegant and stability. These color recommended as a main color for your workspace or studyroom. We suggest not to use this color for your bedroom wall colouring.

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House Paint Colour – Multi Color

Colouring your home using several color combination could make your home more eye-catching. This job usually handled by professional to guarantee the result.

If you never have an experience or have not enough basic knowledge about house colouring, we recommended you to let the proffesional handle it.

How to choose the best colors mix for your home? We suggest not to select colors just by what’s popular right now.

The colors should be reflecting the personality of the resident in your home. Moreover, should also consider about your budgetting.

We recommend to choose the best colors combination by considering your budgetting. And for the final words, “the color is not just a part of outer layer from your home, it’s also a personality reflection of the resident within the house”

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How to Find a Magic Color Combination

Exactly how do you locate that magic color mix? Look into these exterior paint ideas.

1. Honor History

Do you have a plan to paint an older home? Do you want to use an historically accurate color scheme for your home painting? If, your answer are yes, you maybe should hire a professional to examine old paint chips and recreate it’s original colors.

Or, you also could refer to a historic color chart and choose the color that migh be used at the time your home was built. The more simple your house is, the less color that you will need. Think about the history of your own house, ‘cause as a homeowner, you and something that you will do to the house will be part of this house history.

2. Jazz Up The Past

Sometimes, the homeowners are fly in the face of history. They choose to colouring their home using modern-day colors to dramatize the architectural design instead of selecting the original color of this house.

Utilizing vibrant color on old building could create awesome appearance-this will happen if your local historic commision give the permission. Before you do that, we suggest you to look what your neighbour are doing

3. Consider Your Neighbor

Observing your neighbor color painting sometimes could give you a good idea, but don’t just imitate it. Sometimes you need to consider a color that give harmony look with the color of your house next door. Are you life in suburban development or are your neighbor the trees? Pick a color that synergy with what is around you.

4. Borrow From Nature

The idea for colouring your house could be emerged just by looking around your landcape. Forest may suggest an earthy palette of browns and yellow. A flower garden could inspire of colourful flower color combination.

A bright sky and beach may deliver brigt blues and turqoises. How does they look like that? Remember, all their color were just come from sun colors reflection. So, follow the sun, the color needs light to shine!

5. Check The Roof

Harmony, yes we need to make our home painting looks harmony from the floor till the rooftop. Harmony doesn’t need to be exactly match, but it just like supporting each other. While the color of your house could be changed at a time, it’s doesn’t apllied to your roof.

Your roofing materials have their own color and you need to consider what’s colors that you will used for your exterior paint that will harmonize with the roofing. Changing exterior paint will much easier than changing a roof.

6. Look For Things That Won’t Be Painted

Every home has something that looks better in their natural way. Home accesories like brick or stone wall, wooden door as well as plastic home windows will looks better in their natural colors. Before you start painting, it would be better if you consider a color that will give a harmony view with these items.

7. Find Inspiration In Your Living Room

Exterior and interior painting are two different things, but it should be harmonize. The color you used for the interior will lead you in the selection of the color for the exterior. Once more, your goal is to harmonize.

8. Focus On Details

Using accent color which contrast with the background could emphasize the detail of the architectural building. Depending on the size and complexity of your home, you may want to give a spesific accent to your architectural detail such as shutters, molding, doors, window sashes, bracket, column and porch decks. Sometimes, using variety of different colors could make your house looks stunning but too many colors will overwhelm your house.

However, it’s essential to know that making your house look great isn’t only about choosing the best exterior paints that complement your architectural elements. Even if you have the perfect paint color combination, the overall appearance of your exterior won’t be great if you fail to maintain your architectural details, such as doors, molding, windows, and porch decks. In that case, you need to hire a cleaning company to remove dirt and grime so they look new again. For more information, visit the website or check out other reputable online resources.

9. Use Light To Add Size

For an architect, it has been well known that white colors could make make a building look larger and traditional classical architecture usually use white color as a favored color.

Using this color into your home will make it sensed bigger. In contrary, darker color were used to emphasize shadow while lighter color were used to show projections.

10. Go Dark For Drama

Dark trim within your house will make your house appear smaller, but the details of the architecture will be visible. For exterior, accent recesses using darker shade and highlight detail using lighter tone. It’s a good idea to paint use darker shades to make large surface look lighter.

11. Discover Color Families

Architectural detail could be drawn out by applying contrast color accent. But, it’s actually will be bad idea if you use too much contrast color as it will clash and destract the architectural detail.

Using color within same color family were recommended. Using darker or lighter shade instead of different color will be good idea. Using your creativity to combine same family color using different tints, tones, and shades.

12. Strike A Balance

A burst of a single color on a part of your hoke may give imbalance appearance. Aim to balance the colors over the whole house sides. Some people maybe disagree with this opinion, but in general we agree that we should avoid extrem contrast.

Choose a balance color by using a color within one color family. Maybe, you could also use software to help visualizing the combination. And dont’t forget to keep contact with historic commision about historic color combination.

13. Consider The Weather

When finding a magic color combination for your exterior paint, you should also consider the weather conditions in your area. Pick color combinations that look appealing on cloudy days or in direct sunlight. Generally, it’s highly recommended to use light colors to make your home look brighter and refreshing, depending on the weather conditions.

14. Test Whatever You Choose

Now that you’ve narrowed your options for exterior paint colors, it’s time to test what you choose by getting color samples and painting them in large strips. Look at the different times of the day to know which color combinations suit your home’s exterior perfectly.
However, if you can’t decide, it’s best to work with a designer to help you select. Given their expertise and expertise, they can look at your house from a different perspective, making it easier to mix and match exterior paint colors for your property.

More Exterior Paint Color Ideas

Here are Some Example for Exterior Paint Color that Can Inspire You:

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