Get In The Swim With Your Own Home Pool

It’s going to be another hot one, wouldn’t a swim be nice? Unfortunately, the beach is miles away and bound to be crowded, and the nearby public pools are going to be so full of people you’ll need a shoehorn to enter the water!

Wouldn’t it be lovely if you had your very own swimming pool just outside your back door? Imagine the refreshing feeling of diving into its crystal-clear waters, the fun of floating in your tranquil lagoon, not to mention the great exercise you will get from swimming a few laps- and the best thing is you will have this piece of paradise all to yourself!

Sound enticing? Maybe it’s time for you to make this dream your reality! Even if your resources are on the modest side, a pool is not out of reach with some careful financial planning.

Now, let’s walk out that back door and survey your home’s landscape with a view to adding a pool.

The right pool for your place

What shape suits you and your property best? There are many, many options available. Traditional rectangular lap pools have stood the test of time, they are the most common type of pool with good reason- simple to construct and great for swimming those laps.

But wait, there’s more! The kidney-shaped pool is another classic, its eye-pleasing curves make it a favourite of hotels and resorts, you can feel like you’re on holiday without leaving your home!

Once you have chosen your desired shape, the next thing to consider is the space adjacent. The most important component of a pleasant poolside is the tile pavers that surround your watery oasis. Again, the choices are many, but they all share something in common- they need to be properly protected from the elements and kept clean.

Sunlight and water can be cruel, and even regular maintenance can take a heavy toll on colour and texture. Having your pool’s tile pavers professionally sealed will protect your poolside from the weather, and regular pool tile cleaning. Plus, it will keep your piece of paradise picture-perfect for years to come!

The water is fine, but it needs a fence!

An important aspect of being a pool owner that we cannot overlook is our responsibilities in regard to our own safety, and that of any potential visitors, whether invited or not! Installing a proper fence around your pool area is going to be a necessity.

First off, it will keep out gate crashers who try to sneak in for an unauthorised midnight dip. These pool bandits might commit acts of property damage, and moreover, you must consider that even though they’re trespassing, you might be held responsible if they injure themselves!

Be sure to check with your local government for information on making sure you and your pool are properly protected. The privacy and safety a fence provides will ensure you can swim in peace.

So, take the plunge! Plan your new pool today!

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