5 Hacks to Make Moving Houses Easier

It’s time to move out! Moving out day is a well-anticipated, but extremely stressful day for anyone, especially with all the planning and cleaning involved.

Keeping track of your items is a difficult task, and making sure your home is clean when you move in and out can be a hassle.

So, here are 5 tried and true hacks that will make your move so much easier:

1. Get a moving in and moving out cleaning service

Wherever you move into a new home, you spend time cleaning every inch of the previously uninhabited space, and you still don’t get all the dirt out.

Moving out of your previous rented home is also a hassle, as you take precautions in the unit to avoid disputes with your landlord.

Moving in and moving out cleaning services take the hassle out of cleaning your new or previous home.

Who would want to get to their new home, only to have to clean out the cobwebs and dust that accumulated over time?

And remember that initial deposit for your previous home? You’d definitely want that back, but you might not know how.

For instance, handover cleaning Singapore homes follow a strict code, especially when moving out.

Professional cleaning services are great for ensuring that your previous unit follows the set standards in moving out so you can get your deposit back.

Experienced cleaners would know what moving in and moving out entails, and cleans accordingly to your satisfaction.

2. Create a “New Home” kit, which includes necessities you can easily grab on your first day.

Moving is a tedious process, and you’re probably too tired to cook or clean once you get to your new home.

Unpacking all your items once you get to your new abode is intimidating – where do you even start?

While the stress of unpacking is still daunting on you, having a curated “New Home” kit can help you find your necessities on the first day of moving in.

Paper plates, cups, mini toiletries, and toothbrushes are just some of the items to have on hand that make moving in convenient.

3. Use plastic wrap for liquid bottles, and cabinets.

If you think your shampoo bottles and soy sauce containers are tightly sealed, you’re wrong.

The process of moving shakes around bottles and containers, spilling out their contents into a sticky mess.

To prevent your toiletries and pantry staples from spilling all over your boxes, grab a small piece of plastic wrap, and use it to seal the opening of the container. No more spills!

Here’s a hack for cabinets: you don’t need to empty out cabinets when you seal them with plastic wrap!

The plastic wrap should be tight enough to prevent the cabinets from flying open, which makes for convenient and easy moving.

4. Don’t fold your clothes – cover them with a trash bag instead!

Used to hanging up your clothes in a closet? No need to take down, fold, and box your clothes when you’ll only hang them back up in your new home.

Instead, grab a large plastic garbage bag, and clump 4-5 hanged clothes together.

Cover your clothes with the garbage bag, cutting a hole on the sealed end of the bag for the hanger to poke through.

When you get to your new home, you simply have to remove the garbage bag and hang up your clothes easily.

This hack is revered for making moving easy – no more confusion with your clothes! Just pack your clothes and go.

5. Found items you don’t need? Donate or sell them before your big move.

Moving out can take weeks or months of planning, and alongside figuring out what to bring into your new home, you also need to segregate the items that you don’t need.

Those toys, clothes, books, and furniture that you’ve hoarded over the years would just take up space in your new home, so better to donate or sell them instead.

Hold a garage sale when applicable, or bring your items over to your local thrift store to see if they have any resale value.

You may also choose to donate some items to organizations that collect usable items to give to orphanages, the homeless, and those in need.

The above hacks can make your move a lot easier. In addition to the above tips, it’s crucial to find ways to save expenses and budget in your new home.

For instance, if you’re moving to Texas, make sure to know your options. Texas electricity rates are deregulated, which lets you compare rates and find the best electricity plan for your home.

It’s also nice to know where you can find the amenities and facilities in your new residence, such as the nearest convenience store, doctor’s clinic, etc. Ask the locals the best places to purchase the cheapest items you need at home in your neighborhood.

Also, you should know whom or what company to contact when you need services, such as electrical, plumbing, landscaping, and HVAC services in the area. For HVAC problems, hire professionals from heating repair Henderson. Get their contact numbers and save them on your phone or reminder board at home.


Moving houses isn’t a walk in the park. But applying the tips above will help you have a less stressful move.

From packing clean-up to choosing a new electricity provider, you can manage all of these things with careful planning and utilizing all available resources you can get.

Set a time and date to carry out the above tasks to avoid the rush, which usually causes stress. 

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