10 Cute Hello Kitty Bedroom Decoration Ideas for Girls

Hello kitty is one of the beloved characters for many girls.

Not only a kid, but also this character is loved by also by some adults.

The pink color and cute appearance make this hello kitty famous all around the world.

Hello Kitty Bedroom

There are many shops, places, and even design which use the character of hello Kitty.

Now, let’s take a look for some Hello Kitty design for bedroom.

1. Adorable Hello Kitty Decoration

Image Source: schlafzimmerde.com

This is one of the best ways to have Hello Kitty design for your girl’s bedroom.

You are not only using the hello kitty as the bedcover or wallpaper, but also you can use some decoration like mirror and the bed.

This idea of using blue and pink color is really a good idea.

2. Simple Hello Kitty Bedroom

Image Source: decoist.com

Not all adults love in such a crowd decoration of hello kitty.

Some of them choose to have the simple design like this.

Using all white bed, wall color, doors, windows, and ceiling will give a peaceful feeling.

This room will look nice by having small hello kitty pillow and wall décor.

3. Rounded Hello Kitty Bedroom

Image Source: amazingarchitecture.net

Having a small rounded bed with the hello kitty theme is perfectly adorable.

You can use all soft pink color for the bed, blanket, and pillow.

Add small pink chair on the corner will make your bedroom look cute.

4. Hello Kitty Pink Wall Paint Bedroom

Image Source: xc-mtb.info

A hello kitty concept doesn’t always need to use hello kitty dolls or character.

Using the signature color for the bedroom is enough to represent the hello kitty concept like this one.

Using black and pink color for walls and furniture will create a gorgeous look.

5. Colorful Mural Hello Kitty Bedroom

Image Source: dekomode.com

The choice of pink color for hello kitty design is really common thing.

If you want to get unique hello kitty design, you can choose this style with full color hello kitty painting for the wall.

6. Hello Kitty Design Double Bed

Image Source: kohlsbullcityfit.org

Double bed for a bedroom will be nice idea for the kids’ room.

Paint the wall with the stripes line in pink and white while combining the windows frame in black is really beautiful.

7. Linen Set Hello Kitty Bedroom

Image Source: pinterest.com

The set linen for bedroom will make your room adorable and lovely.

The use of bed cover and matt with hello kitty design will make it very cute.

Giving a lot of starts for your ornaments will make the room look more crowded.

8. Cute Hello Kitty Bedroom

Image Source: cryptobot.pro

The cute bedroom design can be created by using some hello kitty decoration.

This will make you sleep like a queen.

This is a luxurious room for kids, so it can be filled with 2 beds and some small cute chairs.

9. Bunk Hello Kitty Bedroom

Image Source: pinterest.com

Having bunk beds will really fit for the two girls especially for twin sisters.

Using the pink strips wall pattern will be nice.

Using the similar pattern for the small sofa will make the rooms balanced.

10. Decoration with Hello Kitty

Image Source: donpedrobrooklyn.com

Full of decoration of hello kitty will be really great.

Starting from your sofa, mini table and chair, bedcover, and also the bed itself.

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