Highest Jumping Animals : Squirrel


Squirrels are incredible for many reasons, and if you ever witness them in action it is hard not to be amazed. Watching squirrels in their native environment they seem to be without a doubt one of the most active animals that we are most likely to witness capable of adding upright trees or even some walls as quick as we leave the ground, able to leap country miles between the branches of trees or even do cork screws in mid air.

Getting out of the 3rd individual for a moment. I once saw a squirrel run into a wall with its head and then backflip using the derive from its directly top of the wall. They can jump with amazing precision and could stabilize their bodies perfectly in mid air.

Squirrels can lift to 20 feet which is many sometimes the length of their body and equivalent of a human leaping over 150 feet.

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