How To Handle a Divorce When You’re Pregnant According to Experts

Divorce sometimes comes unexpectedly, while in other cases you cannot bear your failed relationships anymore no matter the surrounding conditions. This makes it necessary to get a divorce while pregnant.

Though you should understand that marriage termination when bearing a child makes a double complexity.

It is emotionally, physically, and even lawfully more difficult to handle the process. Check out the tips that may simplify your situation and lead you to desired outcomes without complications.

Try to Fix Your Marriage

Getting your marriage to the end when pregnant is a risky choice. You will burden your still unborn child with negative emotions and stress.

It will be difficult for you to manage the physical tension and business. Plus, the vague future is not what a mom with a baby needs.

Before you opt for combining divorce and pregnancy, search for alternative ways out first. Try out couple therapy to deal with marital troubles and other issues that prevent you from being happy together.

Maybe you will manage to find a peaceful solution and guarantee the best suitable conditions for your future child.

Check Out the Local Legislature

Before you search for the Washington state divorce form to initiate the process, check out whether you are allowed to request to end your marriage during pregnancy.

Most states will respect your personal choice and won’t prevent divorce in any condition. But several other states, for example, Texas or Arizona, legally forbid you to end your marriage before the end of your pregnancy.

The reason for such a law is the necessity for paternity to be established before the dissolution is granted.

Once the court knows that your partner is or is not a father to your already born child, the relevant custodial decisions can be discussed and the divorce decree will follow.

Choose Alternative Solutions

If you happen to reside in a state where pregnancy is the reason to postpone a divorce but you still need for your marriage to come to the end here and now, you can think of alternative solutions.

In most cases you are allowed to get a separation, meaning you can move apart and live independently, and then get a divorce after the child’s birth.

Another way out is to move to another state. You can get divorced in a state that has nothing against pregnant women discontinuing their marriage.

But you still have to meet residency requirements which often equal living in the state for at least half a year. So, a similar way out is suitable for couples at the early stages of pregnancy.

Find a Good Lawyer

Getting your marriage to the end is never easy and pleasant. But filing for divorce while pregnant is even more physically and emotionally complicated. So, it is highly recommended to cooperate with a reputable lawyer.

You need to get beneficial outcomes both for you and your baby. Meanwhile, your emotional vulnerability in this condition can prevent you from making suitable choices.

That is why you have to get a good expert by your side if you wish for a successful divorce. Even if you get an amicable marriage termination, it would be great if you receive a general consultation from a divorce lawyer at least.

Then you will be sure that your partner won’t fool you when making life-changing decisions.

Work on a Co-parenting Plan

A baby needs both parents to take part in their nurturing from the very beginning. More to this, a single mother needs help even from a former spouse, too.

So, if you are ready for divorce during pregnancy, it is necessary to work hard on your co-parenting plan.

If it is your first child and you hardly imagine what help you may need or what duties to share, it is better to involve a relevant expert in your discussions.

Or you can use ready-made guides and templates to help you. In the end, you should have a manual to help your family guarantee the best nurturing conditions for your future child despite their parents not being together anymore.

Accept Support

Not all your friends and relatives will approve of your choice of terminating your marriage during pregnancy, so you may wish to manage everything alone and independently.

But the truth is that you will need at least some assistance both during pregnancy and after a child is born.

Whether your friends and relatives are to cook, clean, get groceries, or babysit for you, accept help with gratitude and without hesitations.

An exhausted and unhappy mother cannot guarantee a happy childhood for her babies, mind this.


Divorce can be an unbearable challenge for a pregnant woman. But if you decide to terminate your marriage before the child is born, it is necessary to make some arrangements first.

Despite being sure of your choice, give your marriage another try before heading for divorce. If this is not an option, hire a good lawyer, consult the local legislature on your case, and work hard on the best possible co-parenting plan.

Don’t forget to care about yourself and accept any help and support from your dears so that both you and your child can be happy in the end.

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