15 Ideas For An Efficient Home Office

Creating a proper home office space is important because it helps to increase productivity and reduce stress from work.

Working from home has become a viable option for many industries even after the pandemic has eased. Now, many people have made their homes their offices.

But of course, to help you be productive and comfortable in your home office, you may have to invest in building sleek and ergonomic office space.

If you don’t have the creatives and see that this is a long-term thing, you may need the help of custom home builders like Crown Constructions.

If you are looking to renovate or decorate your home office, here are some ways on how you can do it.

1. Create an Office in the Corner

corner office

A lack of space can be an issue when it comes to creating a proper office space.

Utilizing the corner of the room as a small workspace ensures that you have enough privacy for work, without having to take up much space in the house.

Even if the space is cramped, putting a desk big enough to accommodate your equipment and your swivel chair may be enough.

If there’s a situation where you feel you don’t have any choice, you just have to make it work. You may compensate by adding a tiny pot of plant to make the area look pretty or ensure that it’s tidy.

2. Work by the Window

Work by the Window

It is important to have proper lighting when working, so place your work desk by the main window of your room to take advantage of natural light.

You can position the desk in any way you prefer, whether it is towards the window or just close by.

Having the outside as your view while working can do you good. It can inspire you or spark your creativity and a fresh take on your task. Just ensure you don’t stare for too long and forget about your task.

3. Make it Minimalist


A minimalist working space has always been in trend. Only keep the necessary supplies on your desk and store everything else in boxes and containers to keep the space tidy.

Keeping things at a minimum can allow you to work at peace and give your thoughts the similar organization your surrounding has.

White is the most common colour scheme for a minimalist workspace, but any colour would be great.

4. Go Modern with Silver and White

Go Modern with Silver and White
Photo Source: James Mcdonald (Unsplash)

The combination of silver and white is great when trying to create a modern and elegant home office.

The idea is to choose white furniture with silver hardware or embellishments. You can also choose silver office supplies to tie everything together.

5. All About the Vintage Vibes

Photo Source: Liz Joseph (Unsplash)

Vintage is making a comeback, both in fashion and interior design. Decorating your office space with a vintage concept is a lot easier than you think.

You can easily get vintage-inspired furniture from stores or just go thrift shopping for something actually vintage.

6. Add a Pop of Colour

Photo Source: Hillary Balck (Unsplash)

If you cannot choose between minimalism and maximalism, you should try settling for a combination of both.

Go for a mostly white workspace but include some elements of your favourite colour. For example, go for an all-white desk but choose pink supplies and desk accessories.

7. Go Bright and Bold

Some people get more inspired when they are in a colourful environment. You can get bold furniture or use paint products to decorate the walls with a bright colour.

To avoid the colours overlapping with each other, choose a few complimenting colours and decorate within that colour palette.

8. Use Darker Colours for A Decadent Vibe

Photo Source: Collov Home Design (Unsplash)

If you want to create a fancy and luxurious home office, choose a darker colour scheme for the space.

Dark green or deep red is just a couple of examples of a darker colour. Pair the colours with some gold accents and accessories for an even decadent feel.

9. Add Some Pretty Patterns

Photo Source: Collov Home Design (Unsplash)

If you think your one-tone wall is too boring, try putting on some wallpaper. There are tons of patterns to choose from and they can be easy to install.

You can also create a statement wall by using wallpaper on only one part of the room’s wall.

10. Personalize the Space with Your Favorite Things

Photo Source: Ella Jardim (Unsplash)

The best part about a home office is that you can decorate it however you like. Add some photos of your loved ones or decorate with trinkets of your interests and hobbies.

This will not only make the space feel personal but will also help to motivate you.

11. Get Inspired by Art

Photo Source: Elsa Noblet (Unsplash)

Beautiful artworks can be very inspiring, so use them to decorate your office space.

You can get postcard size prints of famous artworks from museums and home furnishing stores. You can also support smaller artists by purchasing their art directly from them.

12. Add a Little Greenery

Photo Source: Salva Keyzman (Unsplash)

Decorating your workspace with some plants is great because it can help to reduce stress and fatigue in the eyes.

You can place a couple of small indoor plants on your desk or keep a taller plant on the floor.

13. Give the Office Some Space

It is important to have enough storage space so that your desk will always be organized. You can choose built-in storage systems or get standalone storage.

If you have limited space, install a wall bookcase and use smaller cabinets that can go under your desk.

14. Make it Cosy

Photo Source: Susan Wilkinson (Unsplash)

Working in a comfortable environment can help with productivity, so try to make the space feel nice and cosy.

A soft rug on the floor or a fluffy pillow on your chair would suffice. You can also keep a small blanket for when you start getting cold when working.

15. Use Wooden Furniture for A Natural Feel

Wooden furniture is a great way to get that natural look for the office. Furniture or decorations that have that bare wood is always appealing.

You can even build a desk using a solid wood slab and two cabinets of equal heights.

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