5 Most Important Elements of Student Housing Décor

Student housing is not what it used to be. Residences are no longer boring dorms but sanctuaries that inspire and nurture creativity. We put together some must-haves today.

5 Most Important Elements of Student Housing Décor

Companies have started noticing the income they leave on the table when they ignore student housing.

University campuses are not enough to accommodate everyone these days due to the increased number of students boarding, so private entities are coming in to fill the gap in accommodation for those who cannot or will not live on campus.

Students are becoming more discerning of the spaces they make their homes, so these companies have to bring their best effort forward if they want to capture any market share in this lucrative business.

Here are some things that are becoming clear when you talk about decor for students.

More Privacy

As much as students are at school to learn, they also want to feel safe in their personal spaces. Student residences are no longer boring dorms that several people shared with no hint of privacy.

Even in shared accommodation, today’s learners want some space to have their things – plants and storage spaces.

The suite layout is also becoming popular in several of these facilities – with only two students sharing a bathroom.

Shared rooms are here to stay, but they are doing much better for individual residents than before, which is refreshing.

Lively Shared Spaces

Students do more than study and write exams, so they want living areas that put this to mind.

They want to work on their assignments or seek help from an essay service easily in airy communal areas.

While sites such as Edubirdie work on their assignments, learners are chilling by the poolside, playing some foosball, or chatting online with friends.

They want spaces that allow them to get out of the school zone a little to relax enough to study for exams.

Kitchens, laundries, and study areas are changing the way education facilities look because designers are determined to nurture the next cohort of creative thinkers.

We also live in social times where people make thousands of dollars from social media content creation and influencing, and it helps to give the upcoming creatives a leg up.

Smartphones, laptops, iPods, tablets, iPads, and Kindles will not fire themselves up, so Wi-Fi in public spots is a must-have today. You also want to include charging ports outdoors to accommodate these gadgets.

Go Green

LED lighting is great, but it is only the beginning of how décor can be more sustainable.

These days, a salute to the environment includes low-flow showerheads, water-efficient toilets or those that use recycled water, high-efficiency washing machines, and making the most of solar for lighting up common areas.

The current youngster has grown in an environment that is vocal about climate change and the devastating effects of reckless human behavior on the earth.

They are keen on making changes for future generations. Any teacher would be proud of how the current generation thinks.

Aside from investing in LED lighting, yet another way students could contribute to lessening greenhouse gasses in the environment is to invest in solar power for their housing.

By investing in solar energy, they won’t have to pay for electricity from coal or nuclear-powered plants. They could just rely on solar energy to power their electronics. They will not only be able to help with the lessening of greenhouse gasses, but they can also save on their electric bills.

Before they invest in solar energy, students should also check if their areas are capable of providing solar energy. Remember that not all students get to live in an area with ample amounts of sunlight. The student’s home must also be sturdy and modern enough to support the solar power panels that will be installed.

Health and Fitness Facilities

We are becoming more conscious of what we eat and how it impacts us in general, so we choose spaces that encourage us to live a fitter life.

Gyms, running tracks, bikes on site, and swimming pools are highly appreciated as they keep students on their toes.

They are also embracing cooking to ensure their meals are as they prefer them, which is why those kitchens we mentioned earlier are such a good lesson and idea.

Space and Light

Where dorms only have enough space for a small bed and a reading table, today’s designers are becoming a little more creative.

They are coming up with foldable furniture that is appealing to the eye and space-saving. The light is through bigger windows and a better choice of color for reflection.


The Z generation has been exposed to more than previous generations, so they have more demanding palates.

They crave freedom, lots of light for social media content, and airy spaces that do not limit their imagination and creativity after classes.

Those in the business have their work cut out where college accommodation is concerned, and those who meet these challenges are handsomely rewarded.

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