L Shaped Kitchen Design | Tips and Pictures

l-shaped kitchen design becomes really great for the modern and minimalist home. The kitchen design should be matched with the interior design of your house.

But the more important thing you have to think is the function of your kitchen.

You have to keep in mind that kitchen is one of the functional room like you have to cook, wash the dishes, etc.

That’s why the lacing of every stuff in the kitchen should be well-measured like the distance of the stove, sink, fridge, table.

It also depends on the size of your kitchen. If you want to have l-shaped kitchen design, it is a good choice.

This kitchen design will work very good both for small kitchen and medium kitchen. It will make the kitchen look more functional and simple.

Tips to Design a L-Shaped Kitchen

So, to design a l-shaped kitchen you can consider these few tips.

Give More Air Using an Open Windows

Block your kitchen by having windows is really good choice. You can use a big window with an opener throughout your garden or backyard.

This will give a great scenery while cooking or having breakfast with your family.

You can choose the wooden opener because it will be more attractive and stunning for a kitchen windows.

Half Wall Cabinet for Small Kitchen

If you only have a small space left for the kitchen, you can use this l-shaped style.

No matter what, you can still maximize the use of cabinets for your small kitchen.

You can choose the half wall cabinet to be used up on your sink.

This will help you to save more space for the kitchen table and chair.

Whether you choose wooden cabinet or metal cabinet, it doesn’t matter as long as it suits with your interior design.

The open cabinet will work more perfectly than the closed one because it will make you easier to reach the stuff inside the cabinets.

Coloring the Ambience

The choice of wall color will really affect the appearance of your kitchen. You can mix and match it with the stuff inside your kitchen like the cabinets or your kitchen island.

The color itself will be your choice but some l-shaped usually will be great in brighter color like yellow, light blue, light grey with some furnishing if bright color.

This color will help to light up the ambience of your small kitchen.

Mix the Materials

Having l-shaped kitchen doesn’t mean you cannot decorate your kitchen. You can add any furniture if it is possible or you can make a mix design.

For example you can use some metallic material or stuff like silver oven with a gold faucet and light brown wooden table. This will give a colorful yet calming ambience to your kitchen.

Contemporary Wooden Counter

You can also use the wooden counter inside your l-kitchen. You can mix the wooden cabinet, shelves, or your counter with the white and brown color.

It makes your kitchen looks brighter and also give a positive vibes. Give a small corner windows to make sure you get a fresh air while cooking.

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