6 Amazing Lights for Stairways

Giving light for the stairways will be really great. It will give a nice look and also brighten the stairs.

Lighting will also give a stunning effect if it is designed in proper way.

Lights for Stairways

Here are few lists of what you can do for your stairways lighting.

Staircase Design

Before you install lighting, this would be better to know the design of your staircase. To avoid the mistake of installation, so make sure everything is suited.

Lighting Planning

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Designing a staircase will also need many considerations. For example, what design you will use, what material will be used, and also about the lighting.

Lighting for the staircase is really important to get what look that you want. So, it will be better to plan the lighting as well the design of your staircase.

Choosing the Proper Light

Having a proper size and type of light will also make your stairs stunning. Do not go too far because the most important thing about the stairways is the functional.

Be Aware of Children

If you have kids in your home, it will be better for you not to install the light on the wall. Sometimes the kids will reach it and it will be dangerous.

1. Considering the Function

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When you are planning to install lighting for your stairways, you have to choose whether it is for decoration only or to be more functional.

If you want to make it functional, you don’t need to overdo the lighting. This will be so important to make sure that your stairway is well-lighted.

But if you want the lighting as the decorative features, you can create as you wish.

2. Covering the Dark Side

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You can create lighting for the stairways by putting them under the steps. This will help you to illuminate the dark side of the stairs.

Even though this design looks elegant, it needs a special skill to install and sometimes you need specialist to do it for you. The effort will be worth with the look you will get.

3. Avoiding Glare

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Many people are doing the same mistakes when they create lighting for the stairways. They tend to forget the glare that will be occurred when they walk up in the stairs.

If you want to avoid this mistake, you can use the wall recessed so you can make the proper lighting for the staircase.

4. Using Recessed Wall

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To illuminate the minimalist look, you can try to use this recessed wall. Give another ornament like stand flowers to beautify the appearance.

This is an attractive design if you want to create lighting to your stairways.

5. Maximizing LED Strips

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If your home is using an open stairway, it will be the best choice to use LED strip.

You can put the lights below your stairways and the shade will create a floating effect.

The shadow of your stair will give an attractive finish as well.

6. Beautifying with Colored Lighting

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The use of colored lighting will make the stairways more beautiful.

If you want to have more eye catching look, you can use the neutral colored lights or the monochrome.

You can put it beside the stairways so you can get more striking effect.

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