10 Awesome Loft Bed Ideas and Design for 2019

Loft ideas for small bedroom or small space will be great by the right design. The design of loft bedroom will depend on the purpose of the owner.

Whether it is for the twin kids, for a simple bedroom, or even for office bedroom.

Loft Bed Ideas

So, this loft bedroom is really great and functional.

There are also various designs for this loft bedroom that you can choose.

1. Loft Bed for Apartment

Image Source: jessicafogarty.me

Loft bed is usually used for someone who lives in an apartment. This is a great way to have your small apartment a comfy bedroom.

The use of loft is really helpful to make the room more spacious for another stuff like chair, table, cupboard, and others.

2. Loft Bed with Storage

Image Source: nucksiceman.com

Another way to save more space in your room is by having a loft bed with the storage below.

It will make you easy to reach your book, novel, story book, when you want to read it at night.

Some storage also sometimes is for the blanket and bedcover. This is the effective way to keep your bedroom tidy.

3. Loft Bed with Closet

Image Source: homedit.com

You can have your bed and your closet at one place. This way will make you easier also to take the clothes you want to wear.

You can hang every cloth and also put some simple and small cupboard there for your shoes, bag, or another stuffs. This walk in closet will be really niche for your room.

4. Plywood Loft Bed

Image Source: pinterest.com

Using a wooden loft bed will make it long lasting. The strength and the durability of wooden loft bed are the most important thing when you choose a loft bed.

Many loft beds out there are also made from wood but some others are from plastics. The plastic is sometimes used for kids and baby small loft bed.

5. Loft Bed with Underneath kitchen

Image Source: pinimg.com

Having your kitchen under the bedroom is one of good ideas to save your room space. This will make you easy to do the activity if you live in a small room.

The concept is to maximize the small room and to have all the important part of a house.

6. Low Loft Bed

Image Source: volusion.com

Low loft bed is really suitable for kids. To avoid kids from climbing the bed so high, it will be better to have the short one. Some people also use the sliding loft bed so they don’t need to put ladder.

7. Invisible Loft Bed Railings

Image Source: pinterest.com

Invisible railing will make the loft bed look classy. The use of railing is so important because it can avoid the kids from falling.

8. Book Shelf Loft Bed

Image Source: vivadecora.com.br

Having your own reading nook beside your bed is good idea. This can be very functional yet give a stunning look for your bedroom.

9. Home Office Loft Bed

Image Source: homedit.com

Some people also use loft bed for the office. It can be the best place to work and rest.

10. Home Divider Loft Bed

Image Source: stuff.co.nz

You can also use the loft bed to divide a room like this design it will be suitable for kids’ room because it doesn’t need too much spaces.

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