Makeup Basics You Need When Setting Up As A Makeup Artist

When you are looking to set up as a professional makeup artist after you have passed your course, you will need to have more than a couple of things in your makeup kit, whether you are going to be giving makeovers out of a salon or you are traveling to people’s homes.

Of course, the types of makeup you will need will vary based on your specialty. If you are going to be a bridal makeup artist, you are likely to need to invest in more natural-looking products.

If you are going to be a horror makeup artist, then you will probably need to invest in more than a couple of cream-based face paints.

This article will seek to highlight what you will need to set up as a basic makeup artist, so you can see if your makeup kit is complete to start seeing clients.


A base that you will absolutely need to have when it comes to makeup supplies from MWS is a range of different foundations.

These will need to be across the spectrum of skin colors and will also need to have different ingredients; some will need to be cream based, some oil-based, and some water-based.

This is important because your clients are likely to have different skin combinations, and one of the worst things you can do is apply water-based foundations to somebody who has greasy or oily skin.


Next on the list is concealer, and much like the foundation, you will need to ensure that you can offer this product to your clients in a range of different shades.

Most concealers are oil-based, but if you look into the more expensive options, you may find a mixed brand of oils and mousses, which can provide a smooth, even finish.

If you believe in color theory, then you may want to opt for different colored concealers for under the eyes, for spots, and for concealing freckles.

Eyeshadow (natural, bold, and shimmer)

Eye shadows are a must-have for any makeup artist, and when you are using them, you will need to use a brush to apply them, which should be clean.

It is best to have a range of different types of eye shadows, ranging from shimmer for nightclub looks, bold for models potentially attending a photo shoot, and natural for your brides and those attending weddings. It can also be worth investing in eye shadow primers to ensure that the look you create will stay in place.


To enhance the eyelashes, it is always good to have mascara. Once again, you will likely need a range of colors from clear all the way to thick black in order to use it on your clients.

However, you will need a set of disposable spoolies, as the last thing you want is to transmit eye infections. It’s also worth investing in many waterproof mascaras as part of your makeup kit.

Lipsticks and Pouting Agents

Last but not least, you should also invest in a range of different lipsticks and pouting agents. Pouting agents are generally applied to the lips before lip liner and lipsticks are to give the lips a fuller look.

As before, some of your clients may want darker or more dramatic lipsticks, and others may want a more natural hue, so aim to carry all of these.

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