7 Best Makeup Storage Ideas for Organizing Your Makeup Items

Any social convention such as wedding party, business meeting, reunion, or even a simple dinner requires a person, especially a woman, to appear as gorgeous as she can.

She probably wants to use some different makeup instruments in each occasion.

Best Makeup Storage Ideas

Organizing makeup items can be a cumbersome endeavor; the following makeup storage ideas can be great considerations to accommodate such issue.

1. Makeup Vanities with Storage

Best Makeup Storage Ideas for Organizing Your Makeup Items

This is specially-designed furniture featuring built-in makeup storage. In most cases, the furniture has a large mirror, many storage containers, drawers, and more.

It is commonly a combination of a table, a big mirror, and containers.

A makeup vanity with storage is commonly very large in dimensions; it is suitable for home use. Similar to other type of furniture, various models and colors are available.

It will be a nice addition to a room, but it is not a portable type.

2. Cosmetic Train Case

Best Makeup Storage Ideas for Organizing Your Makeup Items

At a glance, it looks like a simple suitcase with a handle. Inside the box, this type of makeup storage usually has some extendable trays and drawers; some models also have mirror.

It can be regarded as an all-in-one cosmetic organizer. It has spacious storage rooms; certain brands also feature adjustable dividers.

The dimension is relatively small enough for traveling, yet is has a lot of spaces to organize cosmetic instruments. Most models are made of solid yet lightweight material such as aluminum.

3. Makeup Bags

Best Makeup Storage Ideas for Organizing Your Makeup Items

As the name suggests, a makeup bag is basically a bag. However, it commonly has a lot of pocket to store and organize various cosmetic instruments.

There are various designs and colors; they are widely available in many stores, so it should be very easy for everyone to find a suitable model.

Some bags are printed with pictures, patterns, or plain colors. It is commonly larger than purse or handbags yet smaller than suitcase.

4. Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer

Best Makeup Storage Ideas for Organizing Your Makeup Items

Acrylic is an excellent material to store cosmetic items. This material is as clear as a glass, but it is lighter and very durable.

Various makeup containers such as drawers, boxes, and train cases are made of this material.

As a matter of fact, there are many products made of acrylic such as bath enclosures, windows, shower doors, and more.

Acrylic is impact resistant and durable against weather conditions; it is also able to maintain its clarity for years.

With many excellent properties, acrylic is one of the best materials for cosmetic container. All in all, acrylic cosmetic organizer is a nice addition to everybody’s bathroom.

5. Makeup Storage Box

Best Makeup Storage Ideas for Organizing Your Makeup Items

There are basically two types of makeup storage box. A simple box is typically very similar in appearance to a suitcase; it features a relatively large dimension, so it fits plenty of makeup instruments.

Different designs and colors are available; some of them are equipped with see-through covers and safety lock. Another popular type features dividers inside the box.

Logically, a box with dividers will make it easier to organize many items.

The dividers will separate all the spaces available inside the box; each space can be filled with some cosmetic instruments of a different category.

This is one of the most favorable makeup storage ideas.

6. Makeup Storage Drawers

Best Makeup Storage Ideas for Organizing Your Makeup Items

A cabinet with drawers can be one of the most excellent makeup storage ideas. In fact, any cabinet can be used for keeping everything organized.

This type of makeup storage has a large number of models, shapes, colors. There is also a large selection in terms of materials.

Makeup storage drawers are very common and widely available. Some makeup storage drawers are portable; they are small in dimensions and suitable for traveling.

7. Kardashian Makeup Organizer

Best Makeup Storage Ideas for Organizing Your Makeup Items

Apparently, the famous TV show called “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” introduced the currently popular Kardashian Makeup Organizer.

It is basically a box made of acrylic materials featuring some drawers to organize a lot of makeup instruments.

In total, this container has 6 levels consisting of 5 drawers and a lid at the top.


A woman may possess plenty of cosmetic instruments; she will definitely need a sort of organization system that allows her to find and reach the necessary equipment quickly.

Moreover, cosmetic tools should be properly stored to maintain the durability aspect. To accommodate such issues, the mentioned makeup storage ideas can be good considerations to put into account.

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