17 Stunning Metal House Ideas

A building consists of components like foundation, floor, walls, stairs etc. House is one of the buildings that everyone needs in order to have a safe place to live.

House can be made of cement, brick, and roof, however, a house can also be made with metal.

Metal is very popular of its durable, inexpensive construction, no termites or mould, flexible, strong, and also fast construction when it comes to building, a building compares to the regular ways.

Metal Building Homes

Some people would love to choose metal because of the benefits. Do not worry, there are lots of design for this metal house.

To know more further of the design you may take a look at the list below.

1. Modern Metal House

Stunning Metal House Ideas

Yup, modern house made of metal. Even though the metal house is cheaper, you can also achieve the modern look for your exterior house.

This may look simple but also minimalist at the same time.

2. All-White Modern Metal House

Stunning Metal House Ideas

Metal house with all white house? Why not! This is a perfect choice for you who likes white and wants to have bright house as well.

The white colour like this catch everyone eyes who passed by.

3. Country Metal House

Stunning Metal House Ideas

A country house is one of the comfortable houses that feels cosy and brings the vibe of actual home. You can also get a country house design for your metal house like this!

Brings the two tones of colour to get the accent to your house, choose the warm colour to achieve the country looks!

4. Farmhouse Style Metal House

Stunning Metal House Ideas

The farmhouse is another design that can bring the feeling of home. This farmhouse style is also really great for you who loves the rustic style.

Choose the white colour for your farmhouse to get the bright looks!

5. Two Tone Metal House

Stunning Metal House Ideas

This house is actually not only made of metal but also stone. The stone is the brilliant choice to give an extra pattern to your exterior design.

You can also combine with the wood to give the homey feels.

6. Unique Domed Metal House

Stunning Metal House Ideas

If you love the domed house and do not want to spend so much money to build a regular house then you may love the metal house with the domed shape house.

You do not have to worry since metal has good flexibility and also durable, you may also get a custom metal that you like so you may not have to worry about the shape.

7. Red Metal House

Stunning Metal House Ideas

Another 2 tones metal house for your inspiration. Metal house with a bold colour like this brings the modern look to it. Choose the black or grey roof to match the bold colour.

8. Luxury Metal House

Image Source: redfin.com

Well, the metal house can also work for a luxury design like this! Choose a bright colour to make it looks modern and you can also have big windows or floor to ceiling window to make it looks luxury.

9. Metal House with Garage

Stunning Metal House Ideas

The modern house usually has a garage for their house. Even the metal house good to make a garage for your house.

Consider having a garage in your house with metal!

10. Industrial Style Metal House

Image Source: donpedrobrooklyn.com

If you love industrial house style, you may love to choose the metal as the component to make your house. Since metal works better as the industrial style.

The industrial house like this is very suitable for you who love steampunk style. All you need is to combine it with the woods and make it looks like an industrial company.


In this part, I will show you the inside of the metal house! In case you are wondering and need inspiration in the inside as well.

11. Low Budget Simple Small Metal House

Stunning Metal House Ideas

If you live with a small family or just by yourself, you may love this inspiration for your low budget design interior.

All you need is cut wood to make the walls and floor.

Since the house is small, it may only have a bedroom in the upstairs, kitchen and bathroom in the downstairs.

Use the ladder instead of stairs to make the area spacious.

12. Rustic Design

Stunning Metal House Ideas

This is also one of the great design for your metal house to have. This rustic design brings the earthy tone and calm feelings.

You can use wood as the accent for your interior design to achieve the rustic look.

13. Country and Rustic Design

Stunning Metal House Ideas

This design is looking very comfortable for your house as well! You may love the wood accent in it. Use warm tones and earthy tones to get the country and rustic looks.

14. All White Living Room Metal House

Stunning Metal House Ideas

The living room in the inside of the metal house like this can always brighten your day. White is a good choice of colour to brighten the light and looks cleaner.

15. Another Living Room Idea for Metal House

Stunning Metal House Ideas

Living room with the coastal turquoise colour? Why not! This is actually a brilliant idea to get the calm vibe inside of your metal house.

The line wood on the walls and ceiling gives the best effect combination of rustic style.

To decorate the turquoise colour like this you may choose the closest warm colour like brown or just choose white as the accent of the theme.

16. Modern Living Room for Metal House

Stunning Metal House Ideas

If you have a high ceiling like this you can probably achieve the modern and luxury style for your living room.

White is the best choice for this looks, you can also add some modern furniture in the living room to get the look.

17. Another Simple Small Design for Metal House

Stunning Metal House IdeasDo not worry for you who have small space in your metal house, all you need is to minimize the room for the important area.

If you are lucky enough to have small space, use it as the sitting area for the small living room in the inside!

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