14 Most Amazingly Beautiful Cat Breeds in the World

Are you cat lovers? What kind of cats do you know? How many of them?

Of course, they are a pretty, adorable, and cute animal! But what do you know about the cat? Well, first of all, this feline is carnivore animal mostly of them have fur on their entire body.

They are very approachable and very socialize to human. They love when you pet them and it feels like they love you back even more, right?

Most Beautiful Cat Breeds

To know more about this beautiful creature and their species, take a look below!

1. Maine Coon

beautiful cat breeds : Maine Coon
source: demilked.com

This type of cat is very known among them all, this cat is known as gentle giants because they are the largest type of cat. Just like the name, this cat is originally from Maine which is in the United States.

Their behaviours are very gentle and friendly. They come in various colour, you may see them in red, orange, white, black, grey accents.

Their thick fur helps them to handle the cold wheater.

2. Exotic Shorthair

beautiful cat breeds : Exotic Shorthair
source: animalsadda.com

This cat has a small pointed nose, small ears, which is cute. Just like the name, this cat has short hair. This cat’s behaviour is very friendly and quite they love to sit in your lap.

Unlike other Persian types, this cat does not need brushing all the time.

3. Persian Cat

beautiful cat breeds : Persian Cat
source: Vetstreet.com

You may know this cat as Persian longhair because they are Persian with long hair. This cat is the oldest Persian type. Persian cat comes in a variety of colours like black, cream, red, brown, and white.

They have deep blue or brown eyes. Persian cat has a short nose and full cheeks. They do not like to climb inside the house, they love to hang out with the rest of the family.

4. British Shorthair

beautiful cat breeds : British Shorthair
source: CatTime.com

Did you know that this cat is originally from Egypt and they imported this cat to England? This cat is very calm and loving. This cat can be found in various colours like black, white, red, grey etc.

5. Siamese Cat

beautiful cat breeds : Siamese Cat
source: pets4homes.co.uk

Just like the name, they are from the country of Siam, you may also found this cat in Thailand. This cat likes to communicate with people, they have loud noise to talk to you this cat also love to sit on your lap.

They are very approachable and they do not want you to leave them alone. They are very known with the black face and white fur on their body.

6. Abyssinian

beautiful cat breeds : Abyssinian
source: aksumabyssinians.com

The name of this cat is named after the former name of Ethiopia. They are known as the holy cat in ancient Egypt.

They are very intelligent and energetic as the cat and they are a quick learner. They have a brown colour and a thin body, also big ears.

7. Toyger

beautiful cat breeds : Toyger
source: Vetstreet.com

Just like the name, they have the same pattern and colour like tigers. They are breed cat that mostly found in the United States.

The size of this cat can be reached to 6 kilograms with the round face and the long tail. Their tiger look helps them to hide to catch the victim.

8. Birman

beautiful cat breeds : Birman
source: deviantart.net

This cat is known as the sacred cat of Burma, they have originally come from France. They have thick fur and unique colour.

Their face and tail are black but most of their body is white. They also have vibrant bright blue eyes.

Not only that they also come in various colours like brown, grey, and red. Their body can reach 7 kilograms.

This cat is the lazy type who loves to be around with the owners and can mingle with other pets so well.

9. Scottish Fold

beautiful cat breeds : Scottish Fold
source: catbreedselector.com

At first, they named this cat as lop-eared but it no longer used. You also may know this cat with the name Scot Fold.

This cat is very unique with the fold ears that make them look like owl since they have big rounded eyes. Not only that this cat can sit like a Buddha position.

Did you know that the newborns’ Scottish fold are born with straight ears but they start to fold after around 2 to 4 weeks!

10. Ragdoll

beautiful cat breeds : Ragdoll
source: vetstreet.com

This type of cat is very popular, they are natively from California, United States. The type of ragdoll is that they have dark accents on their thick fur.

The size of this cat is around 3 to 8 kilograms and can live for more than 10 years.

11. Turkish Angora

beautiful cat breeds : Turkish Angora
source: cat-breeds-encyclopedia.com

Just like the name, this Turkish angora is originally from Turkey. Back then, this cat is the result of Persian and angora breeding.

Sadly, the Turkish angora type with white fur and blue eyes are typically deaf. Their size is around 9 kilograms and they can live up to 18 years.

12. Russian Blue

beautiful cat breeds : Russian Blue
source: russianbluelove.com

This feline is natively from North Rusia. This cat is known as the healing and good luck charm. They are almost endangered after the World War II but they start to breed them again to get the original one.

They can live to 20 years long. If you are allergic to the cat but still love them and want a cat as your pet you can adopt this Russian blue since they do not shed of their fur.

13. Cornish Rex

beautiful cat breeds : Cornish Rex
source: http://siggysparadise.com

Cornish Rex cat does not have hair in their body so they look slim and thin. They do look muscular and their ears are big and stand out.

This cat is very sensitive to temperature, they simply get cold and hot due to their hairless body.

14. Bombay

beautiful cat breeds : Bombay
source: meethepet.com

Their black body and sharp yellow eyes makes them look like black panther. This cat is natively from United States but you may also see this cat in Thailand.

Their fur is very smooth and deep black, they just look like American black shorthair. The size of this at is about 4 kilograms.

Since they are very smart, they are really good at playing fetch and playing toys. They also friendly with the calm space, they can bond with other pets like dog.

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  1. can’t add a thing to that! Great answer.

    Napolean: This little dwarf cat was developed by the intentional mating of the Munchkin to the Persian or exotic shorthair, by Joe Smith. Napoleons are currently registered as Experimental with TICA but recognized as a breed with TDCA (The Dwarf Cat Association).

  2. I am looking for 2 Maine Coon kittens sex doesn’t matter young from 6 wks to 10 months. I was born in Maine and have always loved these cats. I have 2 old dogs one needs to be put down and the other may need it too I was hoping to get kittens because I am 72 and I would like to go out more often and not worry about my pets. Besides I have had both cats and dogs at the same time.

  3. Your info about the Turkish Angora in incorrect. In the first place that are a naturally occurring breed, no mixing. Second they come in many colors other than white and notvall white cats with blue eyes are deaf.

  4. I have had 3 white Turkish angoras with blue eyes, and only one was deaf. All were females. But the deaf one was wonderful! Intelligent, loving and beautiful. She lived to be 17 years old.
    I would love to have another one! But prefer females.


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