beautiful cat breeds : Ragdoll


The ragdoll is an attractive semi-longhair feline type with fantastic blue eyes. Ragdolls is a very caring, spirited, devoted and house loving pet cat that like to follow you every time in your home.

They are additionally intelligent sufficient to hide the claws while play with you. They are additionally understood for greet you at the doors just like watchdog.

The coat of ragdoll felines show up in 4 different line of gabs called aimed, mitted, bicolor as well as lynx. Each pattern can be found in a range of shades consisting of blue, seal, chocolate, red, lilac and also lotion.

They dropped their glossy hairs in different periods. The ears as well as tail of ragdoll cats have dark markings. They weigh in between 3.5 -8 kilograms and have an ordinary life expectancy of 14 years.

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