Scottish Fold

beautiful cat breeds : Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold

The special Scottish fold cat types are better known for their special ears, folded up forward and also down. It is the dominant gene-mutation that triggers the ears to bend such as this.

It additionally offers a tidy rounded appearance for the head of Scottish fold pet cats. The Scottish layer also has big rounded eyes and also a rounded face. It offers a complete attractive round search for Scottish fold cat.

Unlike grown felines the Scottish layer kittycats have straight ears as well as it starts to fold after three weeks from the birth. There are both long haired and brief haired Scottish layer pet cats.

Their coat has a verity of shades including chocolate, blue, red, lavender and also different mixes of white. Scottish folds are lively and very affectionate. They also utilized to sit in ‘Buddha setting’ by stabilizing the body on hind legs.

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