25 Best Owl Painted Rock Ideas

Owl painted rock is usually painted in a small rock as the gift or merchandise. An owl as one of a unique animal is usually used as the object of painting.

Owl is different from any other birds. It has a strong characteristic like the sharp eyes and the small mouth. The color of this bird is also unique. It only has a brown color with black or white pattern.

Since this bird is a nocturnal animal, it will only show up in the night and sleep in the afternoon.

To paint a rock with an owl pattern, it will require so much patience.

The detail of every shape of the owl will be really hard for beginner. It needs a very careful painting skill and also creativity.

Many beginners of this painting rock will get hard to draw something on the small place. That is all because painting on a rock is hard because the solid material and the surface which is not flat.

Unlike drawing or painting on a paper, rock will give another challenge. The paint used should be the one that is solid and stick on the rock.

It will be different from the paint used on the paper painting. If the paint used to draw on the rock is too watery, it cannot stick on the rock as well.

The colors drawn on the rock will melt and also mix with another color. That is why, the choice of the paint, the mixing of the paint, should be balance and should be suitable for rock painting.

Another common mistake and problem with owl painted rock is the paint is too dried.

When it does not have the right mixing, whether too hard or too watery, it is not good for painting on the rock.

Not only does the paint matter, but also the brush used to paint itself. When using usual brush like the one to paint on the paper, it will be so difficult when it applies to the rock painting.

That is why, the brush should be special brush. The small brush is usually used to paint on the rock because it can reach all the surface of the rock.

The small brush will be so effective because it can be used to draw in a small material or object. It can also be used to draw any shape, pattern, or motif.

For basic owl painted rock, the painting can be done with 3 main colors. The colors are brown, black, and grey.

The brown color can be used as the main color for the whole owl, its body, head, wings, and also foot.

The black colors can be used to add some ornaments like the line of the feathers, the eyes color.

The grey color can be used as the additional color for its wings and body. It will neutralize the black and brown color and make the owl looks clear.

The colors mixing should be balance to get a real look of an owl painted rock.

Owl Painted Rock

Here you can see 25 owl painted rocks ideas to stimulate your imagination. Enjoy and choose your favourites!

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