Ant Traps: How To Build Details On Ant Traps

how to build ant traps

Ant Traps – On the subject of ant traps, there are both the homemade and store bought varieties, and the choices that you make regarding the infestation within your own home is a matter of personal preference. Those with small children or household pets, and who merely have issues with the harmless scavenger species of … Read more

Fire Ants: The Truth About Fire Ant Bites

about Fire Ant Bites

About Fire Ant Bites – Though often referred to as fire ant bites, the burning, itchy blisters left by this tiny insect are actually stings. These bitty insects are quite stealthy, crawling undetected beneath the shirts and pant legs of unsuspecting victims for up to ten seconds before unleashing their fury. The ant holds on … Read more

Simple Ways To Getting Rid Of Ants That You Need To Know

get rid of ants

Getting Rid Of Ants – There are natural and chemical options for getting rid of ants, and any combination of them, based on personal preference and safety considerations, should be quite effective. Common household ants include the carpenter, pharaoh, and pavement ants, and the methods for both repelling and killing these ants are close to … Read more

The Truth About Sugar Ants

the truth about sugar ants

The Truth About Sugar Ants – True sugar ants are large, bi-colored ants native to the continent of Australia. They are much more aggressive than the pesky little guys that we refer to as sugar ants, and are prone to shooting an acidic liquid out of their abdomen area toward anything perceived as a threat. … Read more

Cat Food And Nutrition: What Do Cats Eat?

what do cats eat

What Do Cats Eat – An important part of cat and kitten care is proper nutrition and feeding. Experts have differing opinions on the best type of food to feed a cat as well as how much to feed your pet. Exactly, what do cats eat? Among the choices are dry food, canned wet food, … Read more

About Ants: Learn How To Kill Ants

how to kill ants

How To Kill Ants – There are a great many theories on how to kill ants, and most have been found tried, tested, and true. The most common poisons for destruction of indoor ant species, such as the pharaoh and pavement varieties, is a substance known as boric acid, or Borax. This mineral is mined … Read more

How To Build A Better Snake Trap

How To Build A Better Snake Trap

Build A Better Snake Trap – If you’re like most people, you probably don’t have the slightest idea what a well-designed snake trap would look like, much less have any idea of what’s involved in trapping a snake in the first place. In the first place, those who are in the professional snake removal business … Read more

About Ant: Some Useful Information About Ant Infestation

Ant infestation

Information About Ant Infestation – Ant infestation, depending on the species of insect which has decided to grace you with its presence, can mean many different things. There are six key ant pests which frequent human dwellings and surroundings, each with an agenda most likely having to do with food. A carpenter ant, for instance, … Read more