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A submarine is a not very well known water transport that has the extraordinary hability to navigate on the surface and under water, not only close to the surface but also very deep. Most of the submarine are used in the military field but we can also find scientific submarine, research submarine, and even turistic

Health is defined as the wellness and balance between the physical, mental and social aspects. It is a complex condition that involve those three spheres of the human life, and can not be consider as the absense of any illness. Some people understand the health only in relation to the physical body, and always call

The pasta is a tipical meal that is made using flour, water, salt and oil. It is very popular in the western world and is eaten worldwide. If we have to identify the pasta with a country, we will say Italy. Italian pasta is very famous because of its taste and tradition. To cook pasta

A transport or transportation is the movemment of things, people, animals or materials from one place to another, using any kind of vehicule such us car, plane, motorbike, ship, people, etc. The movement can be done by land, water or sky. The human being has designed different kind of networks to allow the transportation such

Religion is a system of practices and beliefs that a group of people share. It can determinate the world view and the social organizacion of their believers. It involve moral and ethics values. The 84% of the population has a religion. We can find two types of religions: monotheistic and polytheistic. The monotheistic believe in

There are several types of magazines. At the shop, we can find different kind of magazine for any type of interests. Generally publications vary on time, some are weekly bi’weekly and the rest by month. Different Types of Magazines At first glimpse, we can recognize: celebrity magazines, general news magazines, sports magazines, home and garden

Watches were used since long time ago. In this days, technology allowed smartphones to have the same function of providing information about timing. However, the idea of using a watch as accessory is still working. Different Types of Watches There are different types of watches like: automatic watches, chronograph watches, fashion watches, luxury watches, sport

A cereal is a grass clultivated because of its grain, that is edible. It is composed of bran, germ and endosperm. The cereals are present in almost every diet in the world and are considered an excelent source of proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and oils. The more development the country is, the more variety of

Plastics were used for almost everything in this century. Specially because of its low cost of production, among other many things. Flexibility and easy acceptation from society were also the key for this success. It is curious that producing plastic is possible replace some classic materials like leather, paper, transparent and translucent glass ,even with

A industry is developed mainly in a factory which is manufacturing location. Usually is indoor and composed by specific machines in different types and sizes, which allow a serial production. It includes production of metals, plastics, chemicals, mechanics, robots etc. Technically, we can distinguish a various way of classification, by quantity of employee , size