Why You Should Consider Portable Electric Fencing for Your Goats

Although goats are among the most sought-after farm animals, several farmers have long described them as perpetual escape artists.

They are naturally inclined to jump around, climb things, and go wherever their hooves can take them. Since they have many predators, from bears to wild cats, this uber-independent nature can have catastrophic consequences.

For this reason, experts nowadays recommend breeders install electric, portable goat fencing to keep the animals safe in their pens. Also, this protective fence can keep wild animals and intruders at bay, ensuring the herd is safe.

The ensuing points elaborate on why folks should consider this variant, proving how it can be among the wisest investment decisions.

Aids strip grazing

One of the many challenges breeders face is preventing a specific patch of land from being overgrazed by their sheep, cattle, goat, or other livestock.

A practical solution is to set up movable barricades that can be shifted to another place when you want the herd to stop grazing a particular spot.

It lets the herd pack graze on fresh grass while allowing the previous one to recover by sprouting new pastures.

Since the portable wire would be electric, it will prevent the goats from leaving the pen, hoping to go to the previous spot.

In other words, it can be an effective training tool, helping herders train their flock to remain inside the enclosure they are put in instead of being inquisitive and trying to escape.

Also, netting fences are typically around four feet high with tiny squares that prevent or discourage young animals from sticking their noses through the gap.

Creates temporary enclosures

Research indicates that goats react differently in a herd than when left alone in a pen, proving their volatility.

Inevitably, there will come a specific time when you may need to divide the pack one from another, ensuring they are comfortable in their environment.

For instance, pregnant ones need to be looked after carefully and kept in a separate pen away from the bucks as they tend to be aggressive toward kids.

Using portable electric barriers can help achieve this goal as it will deter male goats from trying to enter while keeping the female ones in place. It can also be used to house sick animals undergoing treatment, ensuring they do not spread the ailment to the rest of the flock.

Since the enclosure is a temporary setup, you can remove or dismantle the wires and roll them up once the need for the pen is over.

High-quality products by reliable suppliers

You can buy the best quality portable goat fencing from reputable industry experts with decades of experience providing top-grade barricades and other accessories.

Several experts can also set up galvanized wire on existing mesh or wooden fences electrified by a battery or mains.

Alternatively, they offer desirable options such as high tensile permanent fixtures, movable electric netting, and three-line strip grazing systems.

Furthermore, you can buy other items like poultry netting, fibreglass rod posts, pre-wound turbo wire, insulated line post clips, electric fence energizer, etc. You can also buy a robust corner brace kit for less than ten dollars from a reputable vendor.

Therefore, check the customer reviews, company reputation, product catalogue, and shipping details to determine if a supplier suits your livestock barricading needs.

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