50 Best Potting Bench Ideas To Beautify Your Garden

You might ever be bewildered when you have to set your lawn into a gorgeous tidiness layout inasmuch as you didn’t have any potting depot to stockpile your in-pot plants and the other gardening stuffs and materials, also doing potting activities.

Then you thought that you should expense so much money to purchase the stall you need. Those are not a necessary anymore, if you could assemble it by yourselves. It won’t take much time and it will be so facile.

Perhaps there are some goods already unutilized and just uselessly fulfilling your house. They are your trash. However, don’t discard them too fast. They are very feasible to be turned onto your treasure. How it could be?

We will brainstorm you by our idea. You will be magnificent to see what you’ve been doing.

Without spending any dollars you can obviously make your own marvellous potting bench as you also terminating your useless old things. You can make it for your own or even sell it for dollars. What a very lucrative project, right?

Potting Bench Design Ideas

Here it is! Enjoy following your creative brilliant mind!

1. Ryobi Nation Potting Bench

Amazing 2x4 potting bench #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas

The first idea comes from a DIY project of a tools manufacturing company known as Ryobi Nation. It’s a simplistic potting bench with splendid concept of hang-your-stuffs in the backrest.

The projects also require you to do as no money you spend as you can to build your stall. So just convinced to use your wooden trashes first, rather than just throw them away.

2. Do It Yourself Potting Bench

Best 2 by 4 bench plans #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas

This DIY potting stall can be so inspiring for you. It’s a captivating idea to add side extension to give you wider work space. It’s also enchanting to make the top compartment as an extra storage. Through those ideas you will be more convenience to work on it as well as your lawn will have more grandeur scenery.

3. The Little Red Potting Bench

Awesome zinc top potting table #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas

This small potting station is a compact uncomplicated one that you might fall in love with. It so straightforward to you makes it by yourselves. Because its size you can easily place it anywhere you want.

But if you want larger working area on the counter, you can add side foldable extensions or simply make the bigger one. Last but not least, the bright red saturation will raise a marvellous vibe.

4. The Timber Message Potting Bench

Fascinating zinc top potting bench #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas

It’s so awesome to have this lumber potting terminal. It is created with a wondrous wooden latticework backrest which makes it a unique design to be pasted in your own.

Be more detailed, this stall comprehend mini compartments on the top most. It can be used to store your small gardening utilities or tiny pots. You can also add some hook below the upper partition to hang your other potting elements.

5. Potting Bench Perfection

Beautiful zinc potting table #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas

This one is a functional sensible potting counter. It emits an unquestionable character everyone can see. It so simply sophisticated with not just huge storing compartment as it has a large shut cabinet below the counter, but also broad workspace to do your favourite gardening activities. Furthermore, on the closed cabinet you can hide unused tools so they can’t disturb the elegant view you built.

6. The Easy Do It Yourself Potting Bench

Gergous zinc potting bench #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas

It’s an easier DIY potting stall to do than before. Just assemble some woods to be long simple table so you have lot space to store your in-pot plants.

Notwithstanding the simplicity, it should be exceptionally outstanding since the dimension is perfect to show up all your beautiful plants or flowers in the whole season. More comprehensive with rear wire mesh to attach your gardening tools. That’s a genius idea.

7. The Homey Potting Bench

alarming work table design plans #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas

More than just a common simple potting table, this potting bench could be a complex one since it not only for gardening activity but also offered as garden decoration.

With a suitable colour scheme it will be flawless to make your garden be more posh than the ordinary. Equipped with naked racking, will make you can store any elements freely. Nonetheless, the upper space is designed to put the decorative knickknack.

8. The Strong Wood Potting Bench

astonishing woodworking plans for potting bench #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas

The utilitarian aspect for this potting bench is more highlighted than its elegancy. Maybe it’s perfect for you who take further attention focusing on the function-ability than just its appearance.

Either just having certain gardening and planting counter or utilities storage, it also providing several tiny tidily ordered cubbyholes on the top where you can save all of your empty pots so you can do your gardening comfier.

9. The Little Blue Potting Bench

awe-inspiring wooden potting table with wheels #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas

It sounds similar with the little one before, but sure it can be another option. Not the different colour, yet the main distinction are on the pull-able drawer placed beneath the counter.

It will be a very helpful part since it will help you to gather your gardening dirt as well as to persuade you minimise the waste as it can be reused. Not only that, of course it offer a sufficient workspace for your great gardening skill.

10. The Outdoor Growing Table

awful wooden potting table plans #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas

The last one is also the simplest one. So simple as you can easily built it by yourselves. This is just like a two-layered rectangular table. However, it specialised for preparing your plant to grow.

Its top layer can freely be used as your planting workspace as it equipped by an easy-cleaned metallic sheet beside the wooden one, while the bottom layer can be used to store your materials and tools. You can also install some hook to hang some of your stuffs in the counter side.

11. Portable Potting Bench

breathtaking wooden potting table #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas

Make gardening easier with a mobile potting bench that can be conveniently moved around your yard.

12. Two-Pallet Potting Bench

dreadful wooden potting bench with drawers #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas

All you should build this wonderful potting bench is 2 pallets, plus a little cutting and also putting together.

13. Potting Bench from an Old Cabinet

fearsome wooden potting bench #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas

Repurpose an old cabinet right into a terminal for arranging your pots, seeds as well as other garden products.

14. Potting Bench From Reclaimed Fence as well as Free Finds

formidable wooden planter bench #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas

This set not only looks adorable, however also looks quite useful as well.

15. Upcycled Head Board to Potting Bench

frightening wooden plant table #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas

Have an old head board lying around? Exactly how around turning it into a terrific and functional potting bench?

16. Buffet Transformed Potting Bench

horrible wooden garden work bench #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas

Make this outstanding potting bench making use of a mistreated buffet as well as shutters as the upper shelf!

17. Redeemed Door Potting Bench

horrifying wooden garden table #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas

Connect the door to the shed and use lengths of chain to support the door. Well, isn’t that smart!?

18. Potting Bench From Reclaimed Deck Boards

imposing wooden garden potting table #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas

This fantastic outside working station functions terrific as a potting bench or an enjoyable mud bar for your kids!

19. Potting Bench For The Garage

impressive wooden garden potting bench #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas

Potting benches are generally placed outside nonetheless, if you wish to take your gardening to the garage, you will simply love this job.

20. Sink-turned Potting Bench

intimidating wooden bench for plants #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas

Recycle an old sink to use for an outdoor wash terminal and also potting bench.

21. Garden Potting Bench

magnificent wooden bench building plans #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas

This is a fine example of a potting bench. It has a rustic style and the our levels of shelves allow for enough screen location for the pots with extra area for other things like the unused pots, sprinkling could and also decorative pieces.

22. DIY Yard Potting Table

overwhelming wood potting bench plans #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas

You could make your own garden potting table from thrown out wooden furniture like a kitchen area or table. This DIY garden potting table, for example, is used timber of various sizes and shapes, a mix of texture that give the surface item an actually wonderful outdoorsy appeal.

23. Exterior Potting Table

shocking wood potting bench garden outdoor work bench table planting bench #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas

Even if your outside area is not large, you can still have a nice and stunning garden by using a potting table. This yard table is ideally placed in a small room, supplying an opportunity for nature to exist even in a crowded location.

24. Potting Bench with Storage

stunning wood planter bench plans #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas

A potting table or bench could likewise be used as an additional exterior storage space, just like this. The table top is made use of as the display area for the pots while the lower deck gives a helpful storage location for various horticulture items, devices as well as requirements.

25. Little Potting Bench Layout

wonderful wood pallet potting table #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas

Some people simply like horticulture that they would see to it they can do this hobby even when living in highrise apartment buildings.

If this is your living arranagement, then you will find this veranda yard. The appeal of wood is used to its advantage with the little potting bench and the tall garden containers.

26. Rustic Potting Table Idea

wondrous wood pallet potting bench #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas

If you have an old dresser or workplace workdesk, you could easily transform it into a DIY potting table with a rustic appeal. The best idea is to maintain the look rugged and also to keep the drawers for storing little gardening tools.

27. Oak Timber Potting Table Design

Amazing white potting table #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas

In creating a garden bench or table, you can use among the several wonderful table layouts, or you can stick with the standard rectangle. This table, for example, looks very simple and also it fits perfectly into the yard shed style.

28. Veggie Yard Potting Bench

Best white potting bench #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas

A veggie garden can be started inside a shed, all you will certainly need is enough room as well as a durable and useful timber and also steel potting table. Include a sink and also some racks into the style and also it will lead to an excellent garden shed.

29. Old Timber Potting Table

Awesome where to buy a potting bench #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas

Utilizing an old piece of wood as a table top is an useful idea if you want to create an useful space for your potted plants while conserving cash at the exact same time.

30. Diverse Potting Table Design

Fascinating where can i buy a potting bench #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas

Who claims a potting table is only for presenting potted plants? If you are jst beginning on your potting activities, you can utilize your potting table as a room to store the pots and also to put some soil. This suggests that you could use the table as your working table.

Potting Bench Gallery

Beautiful what is a potting bench #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas
Gergous weatherproof potting bench #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas
alarming wall mounted potting bench #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas
astonishing vinyl potting table #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas
awe-inspiring vinyl potting bench #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas
awful vintage potting table #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas
breathtaking vintage potting bench for sale #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas
dreadful vintage potting bench #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas
fearsome used potting bench for sale #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas
formidable used potting bench #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas
frightening upcycled potting bench #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas
horrible unique potting benches #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas
horrifying timber potting bench #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas
imposing the potting bench #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas
impressive the old potting bench #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas
intimidating terrace accents potting bench #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas
magnificent teak potting table #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas
overwhelming teak potting bench with sink #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas
shocking teak potting bench #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas
stunning teak outdoor potting bench #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas
wonderful target potting bench #pottingbenchideas #benchdesign #pottingbench #benchideas

Thus, our suggestions to you find your idea by your own. So, enjoy yourselves!

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  1. Loved it all ! I am going to build a potting bench for my yard, and you have given me many good ideas. Thanx for sharing !

  2. Fabulous pictures and ideas. So inspiring. I am turning an old dresser into a potting bench, and this has given me inspiration on how to add a “hutch” to the top of it. Thanks! And have a happy day.


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