10 Best Purple Bedroom Design For Your Inspiration

Purple bedroom design will be suitable both for men and women.

This purple color will also make your room look elegant and luxurious because it has many different variant and shade.

Purple Bedroom Design

It is not a really bright color because if you don’t like the bright purple, you can choose the dark one.

Here are some purple bedroom designs for your inspiration.

1. Simple Purple Bedroom Design

Image Source: donpedrobrooklyn.com

Designing your room using purple color will be nice if you can choose the right shade.

You don’t need to go too complicated way because the simple look as this design will be great.

You can use one tone purple for your bedroom combining the green bedcover.

2. Lilac Purple Bedroom Design

Image Source: kitchendesignmodel.com

If you don’t want to be too dramatic with purple, you can combine it with light lilac.

You can choose the softer color of purple.

This design is the lavender shade of purple mixing with lilac.

It gives a very soft look and calm ambience.

3. Teenage Purple Bedroom Design

Image Source: claudia-rath.net

For the teenager’s room, the use of bright purple color will be suitable.

It gives a very attractive look with some pattern lie stripes, round, or even flower pattern.

Combining with green or shocking pink color will really light up the room.

4. Adults Purple Bedroom Design

Image Source: choochspizza.com

Different from the teenagers, the adult’s purple design can be softer.

The use of dark purple combining with navy or dark blue will give an elegant look.

This scheme of color for the bedroom will really give a romantic feeling.

Giving a unique touch by using some rectangle pattern for the ornaments or furniture.

5. Masculine Purple Bedroom Design

Image Source: egutschein.info

Who said that purple is only for women?

This color can create a masculine look and this will be great for men bedroom.

You can use the violet shade of purple because it will show the masculinity.

Choose the bed in combining with white or cream color.

6. Warm Purple Bedroom Design

Image Source: home-designing.com

Going more and more gorgeous with this soft purple design will give a warmer look.

This chic bedroom design is really suitable for you who love the simplicity.

The combination of grey and soft purple is really adorable.

7. Two Tone Purple Bedroom Design

Image Source: alternative-earth.com

Mixing purple with anther color will be really a good idea, but if you want to have different design look, you can use two tone of purple.

This is a beautiful way to create young and chic atmosphere for your bedroom.

8. Decoration for Purple Bedroom Design

Image Source: kitchendesignmodel.com

Giving another touch for your purple room is easy.

You can use the decoration, ornaments, or even accessories for your room.

You can use the same purple color or you can use different color.

It will give a modern look and futuristic way to make your room adorable.

9. Black Purple Bedroom Design

Image Source: dzonatanlivingston.me

Make your room bold with this design and it is really look simple yet elegant.

You can choose the white wooden bed is really great idea.

The purple touch can be added for the bed cover only and the mural painting.

10. Distinct Pattern Purple Bedroom Design

Image Source: homeinfo.hu

Traditional, rustic, and chic are the three words to define this style.

It is gorgeous and looks so attractive.

The pattern used will be really helpful to cheer up the room.

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