4 Best DIY Ramadan Decorations Ideas

Ramadan decorations will be really hype when it comes to this fasting month. For some people, having a decoration regarding to Ramadan symbol or ornaments will be really a must.

Not only it reminds them to this month, but also it will make them more spirit in doing the worship during Ramadan.

Since this is a holy month for Muslims, in many countries not only Muslims’ home which has the decoration, but some public places as well.

The street, food stall, store, mall, even garden will have some Ramadan ornaments like lighting, paper, and also lantern.

Ramadan decorations

Now, to welcoming Ramadan, it is a good idea that you can create your own Ramadan decoration. You don’t need to buy because you can use some stuff in your home.

Decorate Your House

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You can ask your sister or brother to create the decorations. What you can create is something using paper because it will be so much easier.

You can use paper to create lantern paper, lettering paper, and others. Kids are usually the happiest person when it comes to decorate and create cute stuff.

To create a letter of Ramadan, you can prepare a rope and some papers. This kind of lettering can be used as banner. You can use a spin to put the letter and hanging on the rope.

Use the colorful paper to make it more interesting to look. You can use it for one month and change it when it comes to Eid Fitr.

Creating Ramadan Light

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Another decoration you can create is the light. This light is different because it is a Ramadan light.

The shape and design are far more similar to Egypt or Morocco light which looks like a mosque.

You can put it on the corner of your house, on the stairs, or you can hang it on the wall inside your home.

Usually, people put it on their terrace so it will give another Ramadan touch for their exterior design.

Table Decoration

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You can also put some decoration up on your table in the corner or inside your house.

You can put simple and small light like the one you put outside, or you can use the letter light to give another view.

This will be so gorgeous because the light will give a dime light to your house that gives a warm ambience and atmosphere of Ramadan month.

As it will be placed on the table, you can also choose the decorative prints, countdown posters, treat jars, and also ornamental lanterns.

Tradition Decoration

Image Source: aidahscreativelife.com

Some people also have their own tradition. Some people have their own decal decoration, or countdown calendar, moon and star decoration, or DIY calendar bag.

Since there are many Muslims in different countries, so they have different tradition and culture to celebrate and welcoming Ramadan.

They always have different way to be glad and grateful for every iftar time and also for preparing Eid Day.

For example, having dates for the breakfasting time is one of the customs.

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