5 Best Rustic Bathroom Vanities to Consider

Rustic bathroom vanities are so popular style for vanities today. Many people love the rustic design because it looks more natural and also chic.

The use of rustic design style for a home will give a really cozy look, moreover for a bathroom. It will give a warm ambience so the bathroom can be a relaxation place as your private room.

Rustic Bathroom Vanities

The rustic design for a bathroom doesn’t need to be full design. You can just give a simple rustic touch to your bathroom like the use of vanity in rustic color.

The partial interior design using rustic style can be done by having some elements like vanity, shelves, sink, or the bathtub.

You just need to choose which one you will put on your bathroom with a rustic style.

1. Rustic Bathroom with Many Styles

When you choose to have a rustic vanity in your bathroom, you can mix the design with another style like vintage style, mid-century style, or even the industrial style.

You can choose one of the design because it can gives a really nice look for your bathroom. You can either renovate, remodel, or even just use your unused stuff to create a rustic design.

If you truly want to have this rustic design in your bathroom, you can consider few stuff as the rustic decoration.

2. Rustic Bathroom with Stone Wall

You can create a rustic ambience with the stone wall. The stone wall will give a natural look for your bathroom. This will be really suitable for the rustic style because the stone is a very neutral wall.

This combination between woods from the rustic with the stone will give more and more stunning bathroom. It also makes your bathroom look aesthetic.

3. Rustic Bathroom with Wooden Wall

Wood is an everlasting material for a house. Wood is also the most popular material because its durability and also the elegant appearance.

You can easily use the wooden wall for giving a very classic and extraordinary look. Commonly, the bathroom will have a mirror.

You can add a wooden wall behind the mirror and it will give a perfect look combining with the rustic vanity.

4. Rustic Bathroom with Wooden Floor

Choosing the flooring design will also affect your rustic bathroom. If you can mix and match the flowing you use, it will make your rustic bathroom more stunning.

To get a great ambience of rustic bathroom, you can use the wooden floor to support your natural design. Wooden floor will give a natural and warm look for your bathroom.

5. Rustic Bathroom with Instant and Modern Design

You can also get an instant rustic bathroom by having such a rustic decoration. You can use the modern lighting and some rustic ceilings. Using the steel faucets or pipes.

Getting another rustic idea using the straw basket will also give a great look. The use of minimalist mirror frame will also give a modern rustic design for your bathroom.

Using the metal hanger for your towel, metal sink and also granite countertop can be the best choice.

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