10 Smelliest Animals in The World

You know that moment when your cute and cuddly dog is sitting next to you on the couch and decides it is time to pass a little gas? If you have ever owned a dog, you know this stench can clear a room pretty quickly.

Believe it or not your dog has nothing on these 10 land animals. Keep reading to find out the ten smelliest animals that roam free on our planet.

1. Cows

Smelliest Animals

If you have ever driven past a pasture with cows, you will know what I am talking about. After all, it has been estimated that a cow can produce between 250 to 500 litters of methane per day! Now, that is a lot of gas.

Did you know?

Cows have an incredible sense of smell and can smell something up to 9 kilometres away.

2. Millipede

Smelliest Animals

Now I bet you didn’t expect to see a millipede on the Top 10 list of Smelliest Animals.

Certain species of millipede are known to release a foul smelling (and tasting) chemical if they feel threatened. This chemical is so potent that it has been known to cause human skin to blister.

Did you know?

When a millipede first hatches, they only have 3 legs.

3. Stink Bug

Smelliest Animals

A name by any other name would smell as sweet? As you may have suspected because of its name, the stink bug is known to release a very unpleasant smell in an attempt to repel any potential predators.

Did you know?

The scent of a stink bug is not only used to fend off predators but they are also used to attract a mate.

4. Bombardier Beetle

Smelliest Animals

Please do not disturb! Much like the stink bug, the bombardier beetle is also known to release a toxic, foul-smelling, boiling gas, which makes a loud popping sound when they are disturbed.

Did you know?

The bombardier beetle is capable of releasing this toxic gas 29 consecutive times and is able to spray up to 4 times its body length.

5. Musk Ox

Smelliest Animals

Is that a new cologne I smell? The male musk ox is known to use their strong, pungent musky odour to attract females.

Did you know?

Both the male and female musk ox have long curved horns.

6. Wolverine

Smelliest Animals

Don’t you try to steal my food! Wolverines will actually spray their leftover food with a strong musk and bury it so they can eat it later.

Not only does this help them find it but I am pretty sure nobody else is going to want to eat that foul smelling meal.

Did you know?

Wolverines have been observed traveling more than 24 kilometres a day in search for food.

7. Skunk

Smelliest Animals

You know you smell when you can’t even stand your own smell! As a last resort, skunks will discharge a pungent odour through their anal glands that is strong enough to thwart most predator attacks.

Did you know?

Skunks and Winnie the Pooh have something in common; they both love beehives. Unlike Winnie the Pooh, skunks don’t love the honey, they go for the honeybees!

8. Tasmanian Devil

Smelliest Animals

Bugs Bunny never seemed to be bothered by the stench of the Tasmanian Devil, however, most people who cross paths with the devil never forget the horrible smell.

In fact, it is said that these creatures reek of death. Luckily, they only release this strong odour when they feel threatened. Unfortunately, they tend to feel this way every time they cross paths with a human.

Did you know?

The tasmanian devil will use a loud, sharp sneeze to challenge other devils. Gesundheit Mr. Devil.

9. Lesser Anteater

Smelliest Animals

The lesser anteater has been regarded as one of the most foul smelling creatures in the animal kingdom. Believe it or not the pungent odour of the lesser anteater is about 4 to 7 times stronger than that of the skunk.

Did you know?

It is possible to smell the lesser anteater up to 50 meters away.

10. Striped Polecat

Smelliest Animals

You know you must smell pretty bad if you beat out all of these other animals for the number one spot.

This skunk-like member of the weasel family will use a well aimed, foul-smelling spray (much like the skunk) to deter any would-be predators.

Some reports indicate that this secretion can be smelled up to half a mile away!

Did you know?

Believe it or not some people have been known to use the scent of the striped polecat to disguise their own smell while hunting. Now that is a hardcore hunter.

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