7 Best Spanish Style Kitchen Design Ideas

Spanish style kitchen is one of the modern kitchen designs. The Spanish style really gives a modern look and chic for a kitchen.

Not only is it gorgeous look, but also is giving warmth and convenient feeling for the owner.

This design can be applied for kitchen only or for the whole interior design. Some Spanish style will have an antique look and also more contemporary.

The furnishing, the stuff will also be matched with the authentic Spanish style. The use of hexagonal floor is also the characteristic of Spanish design.

Spanish Style Kitchen

If you want to know more about the Spanish design for kitchen, here we provide some information about it.

The Use of Ornaments for Cabinets

The characteristic of Spanish elements that must be in the kitchen is the ornaments inside the cabinets.

From the ancient Spanish style, it will be good to have such a long rope with bead trim all over the way.

This style is origin from walnut and it also uses the wood and hood to connect the reminder of your kitchen cabinet.

The Use of Flared Hood

Usually, the Spanish style has its unique characteristic in which there will be arches with a scroll pattern. And these elements sometimes will be formed to be in flares.

The hood will usually be made from the corbels, cast stone and also sheet rock. So, you can adopt this idea if you want to give a Spanish touch in your kitchen.

The Use of Big Cooking Alcove

If you want to have a great design of Spanish style, you can use the big cooking alcove. Stove is really the core of the kitchen. So, if you want to adopt the Spanish design, you need a big stove.

The Use of Oil-Rubbed Bronze

If you want to use this oil rubbed bronze, you must choose the right color. It is usually used a dark brown to create a classic look.

The oil rubbed appearance will be nice and look like a bronze. You can use it for your faucets and also hardware inside the kitchen to have a Spanish style design.

The Use of Flooring Tile

Usually, the Spanish style will use Saltillo flowing. But sometimes, the terracotta tiles are also applied as the floor in the kitchen.

This will really make an environment warm. It can also be mixed with another elements for the floor.

The Use of Backsplash Wall

The Spanish design is well known with backsplash wall style. The use of the ceilings and also the big arch opening is a good combination. This will give a real Spanish feeling yet giving a modern look.

The mix and match of the color for the cabinet and floor will also give a stunning appearance of your kitchen.

The Use of Granite Material

The Spanish style will also be more glamour by the use of granite material. It will give a classy look and temporary look like a kingdom.

The use of dark brown color will also be the themes of Spanish style for kitchen.

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