5 Best Steampunk Room Decor Ideas

Steampunk room is one of the design coming from the 1980’s and mostly the theme looks like the sub-genre in a science fiction.

If you like a science fiction movie or something, this design is highly recommend for your room. Nowadays, there are many people using this design for their home interior.

Steampunk Room Decor Ideas

It is not an ancient design but it is rather a cool room design. Not only for home interior design, but also does steampunk is used for some cafés or restaurants.

So, here are some steampunk design for room you can consider when you want to decorate your home.

Bedroom Design

Image Source: donpedrobrooklyn.com

A stempunk room can be your private room in which you can give this design to your bedroom. This is a great idea.

For some people it may seem so strange to have this steampunk design for the bedroom.

Whether it looks messy or uncomfortable, but for the steampunk lover this design is just lovable.

It looks old, ancient, and a bit messy, but if you can place everything rightly, it will look artistic.

This design will so much remind us to the Victorian design. And also, this design is sometimes mixed with the industrial style.

This design is really suitable for boys but it does not matter if you want to use as your main bedroom design.

Kitchen Design

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Not only your bedroom can be made with steampunk design, but also your kitchen. You can get this design for your kitchen by having more metallic details for your kitchen interior.

You can also use some metallic hardware in the kitchen to get a look of steampunk room.

With this design, your kitchen will lok unique and different from any other common kitchen.

The use of old bricks also can be applied for your kitchen. This mixing will be really gorgeous and you will not deny the ambience of steampunk in your kitchen.

Ornaments for Steampunk Room

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Image Source: ralfred.com

You can also choose some ornament especially those with steampunk style. For your living room, you can use a plafond with the map painting.

You can mix with the brown wooden hanging fan. It will give a rustic style though. But, this will make your guests impressed when coming to your home because the ambience of steampunk is really unique.

Another ornaments you can use is the globe. You can choose to have metallic globe with brown color.

It looks ancient and unique and it will support your steampunk design. The ornaments need to be very old in appearance because it will so much help your room display.

An intricately designed flintlock pistol with a wood-like body and delicate metal carvings would also fit perfectly in a steampunk interior.

Furnishing for Steampunk Design

Image Source: wired.com
Image Source: brandmojo.com

You can use some of the refurbished furnishing to create your steampunk design. This design makes you simple because you don’t need spend much money buying the new things.

You can use the old one or the reconditioned furnishing.

Maximize the Textural Contrast

Image Source: sadecor.com

This will be great for your steampunk room design in which you can mix and match the texture of your wall.

You can use both leather and lace elements, you can also mix the feminine design with masculine design.

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