5 Awesome Sunken Living Room Ideas You’d Wish to Own

Sunken living room is the suitable design for those loving the traditional wooden style. But today, it becomes the most popular design because it gives a very calm ambience.

This main concept of sunken design is an open room. This will be a great idea to make a separation space for your comfortable room.

You can design your living room using this sunken design to make a temporary living room.

Sunken Living Room

There are some pros and cons about this design because for some people are having a different thought about this design.

1. Sunken Living Room has Special Room with Walls

The sunken living room can be the great choice for big space of living room. This can be so appealing because it will provide a comfortable sitting area.

You don’t need to be afraid of the space because sunken living room can be lower than another area of your house.

This will give an open space and make the sitting area look bigger and more comfortable.

You don’t need to separate the area of your living room and dining room or kitchen with a wall. This sunken idea will really just fit to any home.

2. Sunken Living Room for Outdoors Area

If you want to have a sunken concept, you might consider to create it outside your house. This sunken design is not only suitable for the inside area but also for the outdoor area.

You can create a sunken relaxation area in your garden or next to your swimming pool. This will give your home an excellent look yet so comfy when you want to get together with the family member.

The outdoor sunken design will also give natural ambience.

3. Sunken Living Room with a Big Space

The big house will be great for this sunken design. The sunken design living room will be really suitable for the big house because you can create a bigger sunken living room.

It can be the place to relax, gather with family and kids. You can create it in a special room with a glass of big windows so you can also enjoy the view outside. This big and large will give a very welcome style.

4. Sunken Living Room for Small Place

You can use your small area to make sunken living room. It can give an elegant look even it is only in small space. The simple sunken living room will be great for small room.

5. Sunken Living Room Cons

There are also some cons that can make this design. So, before designing the sunken living room, you can consider few things below.

Firstly, you need to think about the scale. If you only have a small space in your house, you can create the small area with a round sofa. It will be still enjoyable because you can make it as tight as you can.

Next, you need to think about the furnishing. The furnishing you choose will also affect the appearance and look of your sunken living room.

The last, you need to think about the cost. It might be cheap at first, but it needs high cost to maintain.

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