All About Syrian “Teddy Bear” Hamster | House, Care, Toy, Feeding & Lifespan

Do you love hamster and want to know how to take care of them? If you do then you are reading the right path!

Hamster is a little animal that still related to a rodent. There are so many kinds of hamster in this world, they can live up to 4 years.

Today, I would like to show you the details of one of the best popular hamster called Syrian Hamster or Golden Hamster! This species is very popular because they often kept as a pet.

Hamster is one of the best choices for you to keep a pet because they are literally the animal that really easy to take care with.

Nonetheless, this animal is not the approachable or social animal they like to live alone and also they are the type of solitary animal who might kill each other. That is why you should have each house for one hamster.

Syrian Teddy Bear Hamster

Syrian hamster is the biggest type of hamster that can reach up to 200 centimetres long. The characteristic of hamster is small eyes, short legs and tails.

They are also known with the fluffy hair and various colour in their body. Without further ado, let’s take a look at how to take care of Syrian Hamster and all about it!


fact of syrian teddy bear hamster

To take care of more than one Syrian Hamster you should know that they are the solitary type.

They can not live together with others in one cage so the best way to maintain from their fighting is to get a separate cage for each of them after about 4 weeks.

Another tip for you is to choose the large house for them, the large house helps them to move around.

The good quality for the house is the cage that made out of plastic, glass, wood, or ceramic.

Also, you need to add nest for their sleeping place, do not choose cotton or wool since it can ruin their cheek pouches. Choose hay, aspen, or tissue paper as their bed.

Toys and Petting

fact of syrian teddy bear hamster

Besides cage as the facilities for your hamster, you may also add toys and petting inside their cage.

Since they are not approachable animals like cats or dogs, you may try to satisfy them with toys to make them want to play with you as the owners.

This way can make them feel safe and good mood around people. Well, sources say that hamster will not bite you unless you do bad things to them.

Syrian hamster is totally safe with your family if you take care of them in the right way.


fact of syrian teddy bear hamster

Syrian hamster is easy to take care. They are an omnivorous rodent that can get full or satisfied quickly.

The food for the Syrian hamster is usually vegetables, seed, meats, grass, or insects. Do not give them food that acidic, you may be careful with that.

Other various foods you can feed to them are broccoli, cucumber, cauliflower, dandelion, and apple.

To take care of the pregnant Syrian hamster, you can feed them boiled egg (only the white part) and chopped them to make it look like porridge. Additionally, you can give them dog food too!

Lifespan of a Teddy Bear Hamster

fact of syrian teddy bear hamster

This species can live to a couple of years, however, they might live to 4 or 5 years but rarely. Usually, they will live by themselves (after the mom gives birth) after 4 weeks.

You may have this pet to have stayed for a long time with good quality care for them.

Veterinary Care

fact of syrian teddy bear hamster good pets

If your hamster looks sick, you may take him to veterinary to get medicine. Syrian hamster needs some medical treatment to maintain their health.

You may take the medical treatment serious if you see signs of illness since they can get really sick quickly.

Are Teddy Bear Hamster Good Family Pets?

fact of syrian teddy bear hamster good pets

You may wonder to this question if you have family on your own and right before you get the hamster.

Since there are so many different species with different behaviour even different treatment, you may know the best species that safe for your family.

Yes, most of them are easy to handle, however, it is important to do research first before you can get one as a pet for your family.

Solitary Creatures

Just like what I describe hamster’s behaviour. They are a most likely solitary creature, they would try to kill and fight one another.

If you want a pet that sociable in one cage, the hamster is not the answer, however, you may have more than one hamster in one cage in the condition where they are actually siblings and live together in one cage whole life.

Their unsocial behaviour just like typical others rodent. This animal is nocturnal, they are active at night and sleep in the day. You may get bothered by their sounds in the night when you are sleeping.

Not for Small Children

Since they are a nocturnal animal that sleeps during the day, the hamster may not suitable for your little children.

The first reason is your below 8 years old childer will try to wake them up and can lead he hamster to frustration.

The second reason is they made loud noises during the night, your children may not happy with the noises around 3 am.

The third reason is taking care of hamster is love-hate relationship since you need to have the intention to look after them regularly, your children may not understand it.

The fourth reason is children are very sensitive to bacteria, you may be careful to the illness of the hamster that may spread.


This hamster is easy to take care with a couple of things that they need including their cage, upside down a bottle, nest, food, chewing products, toys like wheel and others.

You may take good care of them every day, you should give them one tablespoon each day, change the nest, and fresh water.

Also, you may take them out the cage for every hour to be in the playpen. If you can follow those rules then maybe you can take Syrian hamster as your family pet.

Various other Characteristics

This kind of rodent do need some attention regarding their health and also play. To consider the Syrian hamster as the pet for your children you may ask their responsibility for their death.

Take your hamster immediately to the vet if there is a circumstance of illness since they are very sensitive when it comes to sickness.

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