syrian teddy bear hamster feeding

fact of syrian teddy bear hamster


Raising these pet dogs is additionally easy when it comes to the type of treatment they require and also considering their food and also bed linen prices. These pets consume much less and also are quickly satisfied with their diet plan.

Their omnivorous diet plan includes vegetables and also meats. A lot of their diets consist of seeds, lawns, as well as some insects. You can check for good-quality hamster food mix for your pet.

Proprietors can likewise consider including a small section of well prepared hen or difficult boiled egg white in their diet plan occasionally. Stay clear of giving acidic food to your Syrians.

Several of the very best food selections for these animals consist of broccoli, kale, cucumber, and carrot, cauliflower, dandelion leaves as well as apple. If your hamster is pregnant or nursing, you can offer some milklike porridge, chopped hard boiled eggs as well as clambered egg.

A listing of ideal fresh food could be found below (while the checklist was developed initially for dwarf hamsters, it can also be utilized for Syrians). Sometimes, you can use your hamster a dog biscuit.

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