teddy bear hamster housing

fact of syrian teddy bear hamster


After reaching 4 to 5 weeks of age, Syrians ought to be kept alone in separate cages. These are solitary pets besides. Although you may see some dog breeders maintaining more than one hamster in a single cage, you need to constantly keep them in separate cages for their safety and security.

Once these hamsters get to the 4 weeks old, they start squabbling, which might lead to nasty battles. Family pet owners need to consider getting large cages for these animals. As these hamsters are fairly energetic, they require enough area to move around.

A number of branded pet product producers offer special cages for Syrians. Also the cages meant for large rats appropriate for these hamsters. Glass containers with mesh lids are also ideal for these hairy animals and Do It Yourself plastic bin cages are also prominent among seasoned owners.

Pet dog proprietors need to additionally think about creating a nest to allow these animals to sleep in conveniently. Aspen, hay, and also paper-based beddings are best for this function. Nevertheless, hay can carry termites. Developing a nest with paper tissues is additionally ideal for these hamsters.

Cotton woollen nesting material is not suitable for these animals, since it could cause impactions in the hamster’s cheek pouches. Occasionally, hamsters encounter choking as well as clog as they ingest these cotton woollens.
A huge hideout made from plastic, ceramic, or timber can also be offered.

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