As you know that in designing a house you have to really plan what space you want to have in the house. In addition to the types of rooms, the layout and shape of each room must also be considered carefully. After thinking about the basic aspects, then the next thing you should think about

Painted frog rocks are same with another rock painting. It proves that a rock can be turning to something valuable. In the hand of creative person, a rock which has no value, can be such a cute stuff and decorative thing. Moreover, it can be the source of their job by selling this handmade craft.

Cactus painted rocks are the decoration stuff that can be replaced the real cactus. If you are a cactus lover, you can consider this alternative to furnish your room or your garden. Why cactus painted rock? Cactus painted rock is a painting of cactus plant on a rock. Can you imagine how hard it is

Turtle painted rock is a kind of rock that paints with a shape of a turtle. The turtle is paint on rock surface which contains the body, legs, and head. Maybe some people are wondering how could the rock is painted like a turtle. But this is an art and everything will be so possible

Owl painted rock is usually painted in a small rock as the gift or merchandise. An owl as one of a unique animal is usually used as the object of painting. Owl is different from any other birds. It has a strong characteristic like the sharp eyes and the small mouth. The color of this

Fish painted rocks taught by kindergarten teacher to the kids. This painting lesson is one of art subject in which it aims to explore kids’ creativity. Painting, drawing, and also coloring are taught for kids when they are in the early childhood school between age three to five. In this age, a kid will understand

Painted rock bumble bee is known as one of bees as animal. But nowadays, people known bumble bee as a robot. A robot from the character in Transformer movie and most of people will figure it out easily. Bumble bee itself is a bee which has yellow colors and it has a round shape. It

Painted rock faces will be so uncommon thing here because usually the rock painting is always animal. Face like the human face, your girlfriend or boyfriend face will be drawn on a small rock. Maybe you are wondering how could such art like this exist. But the truth is, the face can also be painted

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