Painted frog rocks are same with another rock painting. It proves that a rock can be turning to something valuable. In the hand of creative person, a rock which has no value, can be such a cute stuff and decorative thing. Moreover, it can be the source of their job by selling this handmade craft.

Cactus painted rocks are the decoration stuff that can be replaced the real cactus. If you are a cactus lover, you can consider this alternative to furnish your room or your garden. Why cactus painted rock? Cactus painted rock is a painting of cactus plant on a rock. Can you imagine how hard it is

Fish painted rocks taught by kindergarten teacher to the kids. This painting lesson is one of art subject in which it aims to explore kids’ creativity. Painting, drawing, and also coloring are taught for kids when they are in the early childhood school between age three to five. In this age, a kid will understand

We guarantee after you done this ladybug painted rock, you would never look at rocks in the same way again! You can change them into amazing things and they are very popular! We have show you many projects but it’s just a little piece of cuteness compare to these absolute Ladybug rocks. They will certainly