8 Best TV Wall Mounted Ideas for Your Viewing Pleasure

TV wall mounted ideas will be great ideas for your living room.

The TV is the entertainment stuff and you can also make it as a decoration idea.

In the living room you need some space for entertaining and also aesthetic look.

The TV place is the main point in your living room, so you need to consider everything and put in well place that meet your style and feeling.

What To Prepare for TV Wall Mounted Ideas?

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Before you design your living room with wall mounted TV, you might consider the style first.

You can mix and match the style and actually there is no rule.

So you can choose any style that you want and you like.

Finishing Step TV Wall Mounted Ideas

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Checking everything before you use the living room and the mounted wall TV.

TV Wall Mounted Ideas

This is a great idea because you will know what to improve and fixing before you finish all the installation and design.

1. Urban TV Wall Mounted Ideas

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This modern TV wall mounted design will give a very clean look.

This is the minimalism look because you can use the paint color of white and black.

To add more functional stuff, you can put small shelf or cabinet beneath the TV.

The modern style can be created by using grey and brown color and it will give an artsy style.

2. Futuristic TV Wall Mounted Ideas

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If you want to have more modern in extreme way, you can choose this futuristic style for your TV wall mounted.

It is the developed style of urban or modern minimalist design.

You can use the material of glass for the TV frame and also for the shelving.

Still using black and white will give a very good contrast.

3. Country TV Wall Mounted Ideas

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Country style for your TV wall mounted can be created by using warm color like cream, brown, and tan color.

This warm and natural color will give a homey feeling for your living room.

You can add a rustic cabinet or traditional fireplace.

4. Industrial TV Wall Mounted Ideas

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The use of bare steel, exposed wall, distressed wood is the best choice for the industrial style.

The use of sharp lines and the rustic touch will increase the tone of industrial style.

It will be better if you can put the fireplace beneath the TV.

5. Busy TV Wall Mounted Ideas

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If you have much stuff to keep, the minimalist style may be not suitable.

You need more than one storage such as mini library.

A neat book shelving around your TV with some stuff or toys will be really great because it gives a homely effect.

6. Fresh TV Wall Mounted Ideas

The fresh design for TV wall mounted will be really great for you who love to keep everything simple.

This design will give you more space and also it will make your living room looks stunning and chic.

7. Dive-in TV Wall Mounted Ideas

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Having an awesome and classic living room will give a masculine look.

The use of textured wall behind the TV will give a very handy appearance.

You can put the wine refrigerator to help you easy reach the drink.

8. Beach-like TV Wall Mounted Ideas

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Having a bright and colorful living room may be not many people’s favorite.

But this design idea is really good to cheer up your room.

With the green lime chair in this room, it will give a very different look.

Using round light will also support the beach look for this room.

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